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1 Face of "The Face I Never Saw" the movie TTS 290
2 Movies: Teenage Brother Replicates Mayohchu Ernest Kanjo 1042
3 BEFORE YOU SAY YES I DO: Solidifying A Great Story With Beautiful Acting Ernest Kanjo 1097
4 Cameroonian movies shine on Amazon Ernest Kanjo 1117
5 DEFYING ALL ODDS A REVIEW OF NKANYA NKWAI’S SAVING MBANGO (movie) By Ernest Kanjo (Journalist, Film Criticism Trainee) 1083
6 Merlisa Determined on set of movie “CLASH” in Toronto Canada. TTS 2759
8 Philldelle Yve: Stunning rise of speech mogul Ernest Kanjo 6651
9 Rising music stars: Les Roots lay solid foundation Ernest Kanjo 4624
10 Movies: Goretti's WOMAN tops March talk Ernest Kanjo 6885
11 Russian Roulette producer, director, talks about movie Tabifor King 5648
12 Retour: C-Boyz release Feel My Pain today Ernest Kanjo 213080
13 Sovereignty: NAGCAM-USA announces gigantic movie project Ernest Kanjo 6627
14 NAGCAM-USA: Crucial meeting poised to decide actors fate Ernest Kanjo 68951
15 Restore order, get back to us govt officials tell filmmakers Ernest Kanjo 5204
16 New movie: The Flaw chides irresponsible love bonds Ernest Kanjo 5349
17 No more discrimination against Cameroonian actors on mixed-casts sets! - Terence N. Limona, NAGCAM-USA President Ernest Kanjo 6057
18 New: Dadson decries hate in hit single Ernest Kanjo 5041
19 We need constitution, not production code! - Akim Macualey, CFI Constitutional Committee head Ernest Kanjo 4753
20 Missy BK goes philanthropic, creates foundation Ernest Kanjo 5336
21 Distance closes up for Far movie premiere Ernest Kanjo & Ifaana Qualar 5733
22 Nigeria may seize your market Clem Ohameze warns Cameroonian filmmakers Ifaana Qualar 6467
23 48 HOURS TRAILER OFFICIALLY RELEASED - PRODUCER SPEAKS TO TIPTOPSTARS Out-of-the-box thinking is my hallmark in movie production -Desarray Ay, producer of upcoming 48 Hours Ernest Kanjo 18670
25 Douala: DECODED delivered in diligent style By Ifaana Qualar in Douala, Ernest Kanjo in Columbus & Marcel Adig in Essen 7039
26 Cameroonian actress takes bold step into Bollywood Ernest Kanjo, Marcel Adig & Titus Banyoh 8196
27 USA: Cameroonian self-help strategist releases stunning novel Ernest Kanjo 8148
28 Short film rubbishes hearing defect stigma Ernest Kanjo 5447
29 Germany: Cameroonian diaspora life to be summed up in anticipated TV series Ernest Kanjo 6903
31 Pound of Flesh pricked my adrenaline - Merlisa Determined, international actress Ernest Kanjo 6270
32 TV series: Find extra pleasure in savouring Bara Extravaganza Ernest Kanjo 5170
33 Latest movie: Realtors greed unveiled in The Greedy Realtor Ernest Kanjo 8489
34 Upcoming: Victimized set for filming Ernest Kanjo 6451
35 Cameroonian movies: Ekei gets final premiere TTS 8517
36 Cameroonian movie exposes bushfalling ordeals Ernest Kanjo 10160
37 Sierra-Leonean movies: Iconic Winstina Taylor makes great strides Ernest Kanjo 13717
38 Breaking from Dla bloggers forum: Ethiopia Airlines to sponsor safari trip By Ernest Kanjo & Marcel Adig 6601
39 The Storm sweeps eight nominations in two instances Ernest Kanjo 5105
40 Cameroonian movies: Captives captivating story to capture audience Ernest Kanjo 19497
41 No room for envious, proud, tribalistic jury CMMA III organizers Ernest Kanjo 6478
42 New: Ekei trailer swells hopes of quality Cameroonian movies Ernest Kanjo 7016
43 The story of three (3) movies Ernest Kanjo 5672
44 Read, take classes Emmanuel Takusi tells filmmakers Ernest Kanjo 5458
45 Top this week: Sister Dearest graduates from incubation Ernest Kanjo 6707
46 The Storm storming in soon Ernest Kanjo 4697
47 God, my family, fans did the trick - Actress Merlisa Determined, 2013 CAA best TV hostess laureate Ernest Kanjo 5983
48 Thought-provoking family movie out soon Ernest Kanjo 5547
49 Up-coming movie: VIRI cast, crew ignite viewer appetite Ernest Kanjo 6494
50 Cameroonian movies: Roses await Tinted Roses Ernest Kanjo 5566
51 Everything about Chleo attracted the jury - Titus Banyoh, director of CMMA II best diaspora movie Ernest Kanjo 5407
52 Giving back: Kang Quintus honours fans in actor reel gift Ernest Kanjo 5820
53 Movies: Cobweb to win hearts in Cameroon, beyond Ernest Kanjo 5894
54 PRESS RELEASE : Bara Extravaganz Ernest Kanjo 20226
55 Movies: Bright future foreseen for The Unforeseen Ernest Kanjo 4803
56 Re-visiting John Dumelo's visit to Cameroon TUDI NDI NATHALIE 8833
57 Snapshots around CMMA II nominations Ernest Kanjo 6383
58 Sonnah Awards: Far secures six nominations Ernest Kanjo 6297
59 Bushfaller recounts own ordeal in up-coming movie Ernest Kanjo 5365
60 Ninahs Dowry: Media tagged for blackout on lead actress UK visit Ernest Kanjo 11839
61 CMR movie landscape: Stephanie Maa announces own era Ernest Kanjo 12883
62 Cameroonian movies: Retaliation trailer provokes great anxiety Ernest Kanjo 11804
63 Cameroon: Actors celebrate truce Ernest Kanjo 8312
64 Passion is my thrum card Timah Simon, award-winning Cameroon filmmaker Titus Banyoh 5687
65 Coming up: The Storm to storm world movie market Ernest Kanjo 6346
66 Yaounde gets new film distribution outfit TUDI NDI NATHALIE 7273
67 Avoid indecent movies Nollywoods Larry Coldsweat tells Kumba filmmakers Anang Christy Ijang 8331
68 Diaspora: Cameroonian movie awards plans elegant 2013 edition Titus Banyoh 16171
69 Preps for Switch Roles premiere on-going Ernest Kanjo 6727
70 Cameroonian movies: U-Turn to turn things around Ernest Kanjo 8127
71 I Treat Each Role As Something My Life Depended On - Anurin Nwenembom, Best Actor, Cannes (France) Festival Ernest Kanjo 10502
72 Cameroon movie: Musings 19-hour tale in 100 minutes Ernest Kanjo 5489
73 Cameroonian movies: Switch Roles to highlight womens emancipation Ernest Kanjo 6386
74 Winning would be nice, but we humbly appreciate the nominations - Victor Viyuoh, director/producer of AMAA-nominated Ninahs Dowry Ernest Kanjo 23053
75 Diaspora to equip film industry Compiled by Ernest Kanjo 8702
76 Pink Poison Reloaded in studio Compiled by Ernest Kanjo 4589
77 Canada to host Troubled Kingdom premiere Compiled by Ernest Kanjo 4440
78 Cameroonian film makers train Tanzanian youths Compiled by Ernest Kanjo 4542
79 We need a genuine marketing plan for Cameroonian movies - Itambi Delphine, producer/director Ernest Kanjo 5145
80 Cinema for devt: Coming epilepsy doc wins empathy TUDI NDI NATHALIE 6327
81 African martial arts: Lien Du Sang in gestation Ernest Kanjo 6621
82 CFI: Otia-led board charged with fostering film development Asonganyi Carista N. 7934
83 Olu Jacobs en route to Cameroon SAMSON TARH 8172
84 Ninahs Dowry secures seven AMMA nominations Ernest Kanjo 5671
85 Anglophone Africa needs more exposure at FESPACO - Nchifor Valery, Award-winning Cameroonian actor Ernest Kanjo 6721
86 Film criticism: Neba Lawrences Troubled Kingdom, a mirror for maturity? Ernest Kanjo 9240
87 Pink Poison Reloaded: Culture minister visits actors on location Ernest Kanjo 5776
88 Nollywoods Dakore makes second Cameroon coming Ernest Kanjo 7352
89 Film makers need money to practice craft Victor Viyouh tells BBC Ernest Kanjo 5096
90 CFI elections slated for March 23, 2013 Ernest Kanjo 9772
91 I cant wait to go to Cameroon - Movie diva Merlisa Determined Ernest Kanjo 7326
92 Award- winning actress Merlisa Determined in Cameroonian movie Ernest Kanjo 9175
93 Post-graduation upheavals: The movie 3 paints own picture Ernest Kanjo 6730
94 Reward of excellence: DAMA Awards Asonganyi Carista N. 6055
95 Film premiere: Agbor Jenets Dilemma makes grand entry this week Ernest Kanjo 5039
96 Cameroonian movies: Katrina emerges soon! Ernest Kanjo 6189
97 Cameroonian movies: Get to know WHO AM I? Ernest Kanjo 7218
98 The world of black magic Wins at Serbian Ethnological Film Festival Marcel A 5291
99 Cameroonian movies: Votary announced Ernest Kanjo 9635
100 Short film: Rage in gestation Ernest Kanjo 14997

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