Ernest Kanjo / Sunday, 05 January 2014 22:01

CHLOE jacketWhen a team of young Belgium-based Cameroonians involved in the seventh art set out on a production adventure, this group did not cast doubts on their ambitions. That was way back in 2011. The movie they invested time, material and other resources to make was going to be a great revelation, their minds kept telling them. And even if stayed low-keyed that year, its worth was eventually going to emerge for a wider appreciation. Behold, it happened recently. Perhaps, it just required the submission of the movie for awards for this worth to be discovered. On the night of Sunday, December 15, 2013, the news broke – the 70-minutes long Chleo, shot on locations in Belgium and directed by Titus Banyoh had emerged as the best movie in the diaspora at the second edition of the Cam Movies Merit Awards, CMMA, hosted in Buea. The movie filmed by Ndamsa Chepnjie (doubling as tripling as D.O.P, co-producer and editor) stars Cassandra Kinde, Isidore Bang, Sone Eric, Lovelyne Afong,Loveline Achu,Catherine Lum,Maboh Valentine, Saboh Candida,Efamba Kange , Eef Bryssinck , Tah Charles and Akaya George. TIPTOPSTARS’ Editor, Ernest Kanjo spoke with the director of Chleo (whose production manager was Efamba Kange), also co-produced by Isidore Bang and it was a very elated Titus Banyoh talking from Antwerp. Excerpts!

Ernest Kanjo: What was immediately reaction when news about Chloe winning the best diaspora film award at the second edition of the Cam Movies Merit Awards, CMMA got to you?
Titus Banyoh: To be honest I was very elated. It was the feeling of fulfillment that reigned in me. You would surely have felt the same Ernest, if me.

EK: Did you expect this prize?

TB: The secret of success is self-confidence. I was confident when I submitted Chleo for CMMA and if we got the prize, I believe the jury just did its job. Above all, a good thing never hides!

EK: What is it about Chleo you suspect would have caught the attention of the jury?
TB: The script, then the directing and acting and all the other things that make up a good production.

EK: How are you going to celebrate this prize? 

TB: My team, Great Bridge International will definitely have a common meal over this wonderful achievement. This celebration will spur the group to work even harder in a bid to grab more awards.

EK: To whom do you dedicate this trophy?

TB: I wholeheartedly dedicate this trophy to Great Bridge International, the production house which pioneered the Cameroon Film Industry in Belgium. We have been a source of inspiration to many.

EK: Where is Chloe currently circulating?

TB: As at now Chloe is circulating in Europe and we have been trying to make arrangements for the film to be widely distributed in Cameroon and the United States. Let me use this forum to announce that we are open to any potential distributors of Chleo all over the world .

EK: Which other project does your production house have in the pipeline?
TB: I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but we have a project that is currently going on. The year 2014 will be another great year for us.


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