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Movies: Goretti's WOMAN tops March talk
Ernest Kanjo / Wednesday, 03 February 2016 06:48

woman_tiptopstarsEvery year in March, women put on their caps of reflection. Their reflections are varied and span across a wide range of topical issues they deem are affecting the womenfolk. These reflections and the issues are as vast as the mediums through which the way forward is charted. Over the years, it's been through conferences, songs, publications, etc. - the ultimate goal being to re-establish the pride observers think women have been robbed of.

This year, from all indications, a movie will be the flag bearer for the women's month - March. Incidentally, the said movie is suggestively titled Woman, a Goretti Etchu-Egbe production that is awaited by Cameroonians at home and Cameroonian communities abroad with immeasurable anxiety.

"I'm a devout advocate for the woman , so when I came across the movie on Facebook, it caught my attention immediately," Claudine, an Ohio-based Kenyan told TIPTOPSTARS. She went on: "I just can't wait to watch Woman."

On her part, Mildred thinks that the title of the movie alone is such that any woman who bothers about the problems their kind face would not rest their minds, until they have watched the upcoming movie. "That's why I await it with my eyes wide open," the Cameroonian who lives in Columbus, USA told us.

"Well, with Jeffery Epule, Charlotte Dipanda, Ruth Nkwenti and Goretti Etchu-Egbe, explain why one should not be eager to watch Woman, I can't just wait," Paulette said. According to the young Cameroonian who told TIPTOPSTARS she is also an enthusiast when it comes to women's right, any movie that treats a gender-related theme falls within her scope of preference. Woman, Paulette mentioned, is therefore her kind of movie, even when she hasn't viewed it yet.

Just like Claudine, Mildred and Paulette, scores of anxiously waiting potential viewers of Woman, some of them via social media, have shown concern for this project which pundits are already conjecturing, may be one of the best things to happen to the film industry in Cameroon this year.

wOMANmovie_TIPTOPSTARSWhether their expectations vis-a-vis the story in the movie or its technical and artistic quality, will be met, is what would only be determined upon the release of Woman. But if we depended on the makers of the upcoming Cameroonian movie, Woman addresses some common issues however, brilliantly packaged cinematographically to create an indelible impact on its audience. That rich lessons would be learned through the outright condemnation of lust which should not be mistaken for love is what the makers of Woman intend to vehicle across. That the failure of betrayal as a ploy to succeed would be overtly exposed, is what the makers of the movie intend to do.

According to the story, the matrimonial happiness of a Pediatrician (male) and a

Marketing Executive (female) with two children is hacked by a pharmacist intruder who is fond of doing that. On the other plot, the Pediatrician's friend and his female friend for years now are in commotion because the man won't legalize the relationship.

The dynamics of these two relationships sets the tone for Woman as a thought-provoking and in-your-face film that will leave audiences either resolved or riled up, the Woman communication team wrote.

Written and produced by Goretti Etchu-Egbe, Woman is directed by Florence Nkeng, starring Epule Jeffrey , Goretti Etch-Egbe, Ruth Nkweti Charlotte and Gobina Charlotte.

Woman will be officially released on March 4, 201`6 at a premiere billed for Odeon Cinema, Greenwich, Bugsby Way, London, SE 10 OQJ. Its producer, Goretti Etchu-Egbe will be throwing more light on Woman on Apex 1 Radio (www.apex1radio.com) in the coming weeks.

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