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Cameroonian movie: The Brothers awaited
Ernest Kanjo / Friday, 24 June 2011 16:16

Cameroon says welcome to another movie produced by one of her illustrious sons in the Diaspora this August. According to Terence Fomunung, The Brothers will be premiered in Cameroon, the UK, German and the US. There has been anxiety ahead of the explosive movie in which Fomunung, producer of the popular Berlin Icon (2005) himself is starring. But what is the story all about?

Its author told TIPTOPSTARS: Charles, Terence Fomunung in the movies is a well established Cameroonian in the United Kingdom and is bent on seeing his younger brother Paul, Sama Elvis Ndango whom you know so well through Miss Supranational Cameroon, gets established too. Despite Paul’s exigencies, Charles stands by him to guide him to success. But when by some ill happening the two brothers fall in love with same girl Erica in this case Mairo Sanda, not even the advice of close friends could calm the heated dispute. Total chaos sets in and the two loving brothers are headed for the ruins.

Produced by Trend International Production after Berlin Icon, The Brothers is shot on locations in Manchester, London and Birmingham. It is written and directed by Terence Fomunung, also starring Mairo Sanda and Sama Elvis Ndangoh.

About the actors

Mairo Sanda: Maestro on set


Mairo Sanda, who has already arrived in Yaounde is a Cameroonian by birth, based in the USA. She has been on set with several Nigerian and Ghanaian actors in the US but the urge to do more wouldn’t let her stay off. That is why the talented actress was bent to pursue her dreams in The Brothers and the up-coming Vanity Chase. Mairo’s smart interpretation of the Erica, her role in The Brothers attracted acclamations from her fellow actors and producers. She is supposed to have rounded off a production in Atlanta, USA. And now ready to shoot Vanity Chase, Trend International Productions’ first film to be shot back home in Cameroon


Terence Fomunung: Talented film star


Terence Fomunung (Charles in The Brothers) came to the limelight when he starred in his own Berlin Icon, a Cameroonian movie that hit the headlines in 2005. From all indications, the young actor now shuttles between countries to perform the art he knows best. Is it in Germany, London or the US? Fomunung is back in the country after starring in The Brothers to give his next production, Vanity Chase the grandeur it deserves. The pushful Cameroonian who is close to a decade and the half old in Europe is so passionate about the seventh art and would give his all to make great things happen. Fomunung however is not a newcomer in acting. As a child, he performed on stage in school and church, founded the Drama clubs of GHS Bali and CCAST Bambili and later became member of University of Magdeburg, Germany Drama club. In 2005, he co-founded Trend International Production and directed the company’s maiden film, Berlin Icon. He is multi-talented - little doubt he directs, acts and handle other things in filmmaking

Sama Elvis Ndango : Coach who plays


Quite renowned for Miss Supranational Cameroon, Sama Elvis Ndango (Paul in The Brothers) is an addict of showbiz. He is that Talent coach and TV host no one would afford to miss to work with or watch. Before his peers knew, Sama had caught their attention by his set performance. We have however learnt acting runs in Sama’s vein even when The Brothers

is only his first home movie. Keep an eye on him as he is about to carve out his own niche in the Cameroonian home video industry.


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