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Before spotting as Best Actress at the 2022 edition of the Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) in April this year, Ndamo Damarise had had other recognitions, based on her spectacular performance in movies. The actress’ selfless nature would have motivated her to prepare younger aspiring ones for future good work and why not recognitions. She would later give back by passing on knowledge and skills to a maiden group at a two-week online acting masterclass which just rounded off. Accompanied by some participants/beneficiaries of the workshop, she explains how the session went, plus her expectations from this initiative. They will be guests on APEX MOVIE HALL this Friday, June 3, 2022, beginning at 8am EST (1pm gmt+1).

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As a whole piece, the seventh art is an interesting form of art and known to be one of the strongest and very impactful. Specifically, and for some reason, acting is the most conspicuous area in the art. It would be said without any fear of contradiction that acting makes the seventh art what is has been since creation. It is thanks to acting that the seventh art is one of the most sought-after disciplines. Many film lovers first get moved by movies because of the FACES – the actors.

The actors carry some strength that is unimaginable. Movie actors have inspired people more than any other kind of artist, there is little doubt about that. Some because their gestural prowess – others because they articulate excellently – some because their costumes are always attractive and others because they are telegenic.

All of these put together, make actors the people running the show in the seventh art. Now, actors to stay relevant, acting must be improved upon, if not perfected. This definitely would be the thought in the mind of every experienced movie actor and acting coach.

As scores of young people aspire to becomes actors, what can be done to make the practice more and more attractive? That is the question renowned actress Ndamo Damarise has been asking herself. The award-winning actress has an answer to the question – adding her voice to other acting coaches to pass on knowledge and skills to others.

On the heels of her recognition as Best Actress at the 2022 edition of the Cameroon International Film Festival CAMIFF, she organized a two-week online acting masterclass during which she shared knowledge to some young people. The masterclass just ended is said to have been successful and, accompanied by some participants, Ndamo Damarise comes on radio to talk about it. She and the trainees are guest on this fresh edition of Apex Movie Hall.

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