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Russian Roulette producer, director, talks about movie
Tabifor King / Saturday, 10 October 2015 13:57
Tabifor King (TK): We notice you have a strong drive towards the movie Russian roulette which you are producing. What sparked the idea of the film and why the title?

Tebo Njei (TN): Well, I'm only one of four Producers on the project under the production entity Lapin Rouge.

Films. Russian Roulette is the brainchild of Chenui Franzel, a young brilliant writer whose initial untitled draft of the movie caught my attention as prime entertainment material. Since then we collaborated on the later drafts of the screenplay and the title became the perfect choice since

the story's plot runs around the infamously dangerous game believed to have originated from nineteenth century Russia. We wanted to explore how easy it is to make dangerous choices that may later prove difficult to extricate oneself from and how sometime one's objectivity could be misguided by fictional misperceptions. The movie is also fueled by our singular desire to do something new and different that would shade more credible light on us as creators.

TK: What has been the experience you have had in pulling together both the team and the technical equipment for the upcoming movie?

The project has been quite revealing as well as unnerving. Revealing because it has brought us in contact with some very like-minded and equally passionate filmmakers who share our enthusiasm to tell this story to the best of their ability. We recognized the enormous task and

skill Russian Roulette needs to take off and the crew comprises some of the best technically savvy filmmakers we could find in the industry. Scouting and gathering appropriate equipment, on the other hand, has been quite unnerving. Our gear choices have been based on the narrative dimensions of the film, meaning acquiring certain special equipment necessary to bring to life the stylized look of the movie has been pretty challenging considering the limited budget at our means; although we are hoping to change that with the involvement of sponsors, businesses and partners. There is this palaver about the business world and corporate milieu not supporting the production process of Cameroonian films.

TK: What is your take on that? Is it your experience?Let's be clear about one thing: Corporate organizations are not by themselves altruistic but work to meet certain business objectives which are often geared toward profit maximization or marketing gains of a certain kind. In the event where investment in mainstream entertainment seems a good strategic direction with potential benefits to the business, there is the likelihood that such opportunities will be exploited. Haven said that, personally I feel businesses can seize the opportunities we offer in Russian Roulette. The movie promises to appeal to a wide audience spectrum and we have excellent

opportunities for product placement businesses can benefit from. The character of Jerry is strong, wealthy and successful and audiences will root to his course. Attaching a strong brand to his lifestyle and commanding behavior will not only meet a corporate marketing goal but

reinforce the narrative strength of the movie. Russian Roulette is also a formidable corporate PR opportunity. The numbers that have so far been associated to the project is only suggestive of the sheer attention the movie will generate once released.

TK: What extraordinary aspect should the audience expect from the movie?

TN: I don't want to overstate it but Russian Roulette is a film that will keep film lovers entertained from opening to ending credits. The audience should expect to see some multidimensional characters and a layered sub textual narrative.

TK: A movie is the brains that work behind it. Which faces are we buying tickets and CDs to see?

TK: Who are you working with?

TN: We are very fortunate to have been able associate critically acclaimed cast to Russian Roulette. Everyone single member of the cast came onboard once they read the script and have since showed significant interest in the movie. We are so proud of the calibre of actors that will appear in the film and we can't wait to see them at work once the cameras roll. Their resumes include appearances in national and internationally acclaimed films with nominations and accolades from some prestigious industry award competitions to validate their work. Audiences

will be seeing the masterful work of Anurin Nwunembom, Sophy Aiida, Allian Bomo Bomo, Nkanya Nkwai, Nsang Dilong and Neba Godwill all appearing for the first time together on the

same project.

TK: You have created an impact on the cyberspace precisely on social media. Tell us about it. Tell us how you get support for this movie that requires a substantial budget.

TN: Our online presence has been of primary importance to the project. The goal has always been generate as much public support as we possibly can. And by that we mean all the likes and shares Russian Roulette needs to make it a success. We currently have more than 1000 likes

on the movie's official Facebook page; a fit we were able to achieve in just about 60 days of the project's launch online. We are appealing to all fans, followers, supporters and movie lovers to

hit the "Like" button on the page and tell a friend to tell a friend. We are also asking them to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all the recent updates on Russian Roulette.

TK: Our appetite is whet. What is happening now? When can we begin to expect the release?

TN: We are in the process of negotiating and finalizing key production details. We are also hoping to commence principal photography by the end of October if we are able to log the needed production requirements by that time.




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