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PRESS RELEASE : Bara Extravaganz
Ernest Kanjo / Sunday, 01 December 2013 07:08
ireine bara
Bara Extravaganza is a proudly Cameroonian thrilling entertainment TV short films series of uncountable number of short films with each story bearing a viable subsequent transition into a feature film presented by Bara Homeland Entertainment (Bahome). It is a dramatic comedy short film show. Every story is unique in its style and genre as it carries a unique story and casts different from all other stories.

Our motto:
 “Making a positive difference with an extra action and vision, for extra success.”

To achieve this goal as a relatively young company and as a woman, we decided to work from an initial seed capital to create something viable and unique in our society. Hence its distribution and broadcasting which is meant to inspire the woman, the girl child, the youth and the general public is of paramount importance in realizing this goal completely.

Target audience:
Bara Extravaganza cuts across all age groups, languages and cultural circles of our nation Cameroon and beyond. It is purely an entertainment show with education video exhibitions inviting viewers to explore, discuss and revisit the everyday human interest stories on television in professional style. Hence, our target audience is of no age restrictions but parental guidance is advised. Our stories which we have personally written and screen played; all display our day to day lives as Cameroonians, Africans and human beings. It is the bustle and hustle of everyday life yet for fun, comedy, laughter and above all, education.

Reaching out:
We do not intend to end at the level of DVD production of our show; we are equally transitioning this thrilling show to television broadcasting coming up soon. We are talking about it and reaching out to our fans, friends and lovers of cinema on facebook (Irine Bara), twitter (irinebara), and websites www.baraextravaganza.com, www.irinebara.blogspot.come.

Current Project status:
As at today, Bara Extravaganza counts 24 short films. These 24 short films were shot in two phases. Phase I was shot on location in the South West Region of Cameroon in Buea. Phase I lasted 5 days and had seven (07) short films of 24 scenes, bringing together a young crew and cast team of 22. Shooting began on the 4th to the 9th of May 2012. The post production (studio) lasted some 45 days to complete.

Phase II was shot on location in the Center Region of Cameroon in Yaounde. This phase lasted 11days and had 18 short films with 82 scenes bringing together a young crew and cast team of 35. Shooting began on the 6th to the 18th of August 2012. The post production (studio) lasted some 30days to complete.

Key personnel:
Bara Extravaganza is the first major project by Bahome, an independent film producer/distributor. It is a movie project that brought together 35 young and talented Cameroonians at the pre-production, production and post production levels.

Our project the Bara Extravaganza short film series is a carefully written, screen played and created by the Chief Executive Officer of Bara Homeland Entertainment (BAhome), Irine Bara. We have worked with young and talented professional Cameroonians at all levels of this project. It is a combination of many talented hands determined to show case their know-how in the domain of cinema. Our credit here goes to all the cast, crew and those who supported us in one way or the other, everyone in their bit made it a success.

Bahome today presents “Bara Extravaganza Top 4” (made up of 4 complete short films of 60mins) as a prelude of more exciting drama coming up soon. This red carpet event will be taking place on the 1st of December at Hilton Hotel, Yaounde – Cameroon at 6pm prompt. Hence the more reason why every Cameroonian should be present at this special event to not only meet the stakeholders involved in our cinema but more so, show their support and together we valorize our Cameroonian cinema.

Bara Extravaganza is a must watch for all and sundry, the acquisition of an original DVD from Bahome maximizes every opportunity to increase exposure and promote our most valuable Cameroonian culture at home and abroad and above all, contribute to the growth of the younger generation. Thereby, valorizing talents and giving the youths a chance to shine.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office situated at Carrefour Lycée Biyem Assi – opposite the Taxation Office, Yaounde or on telephone: / /, or by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on facebook: Irine Bara.


Irine Bara was born on April 29, 1977 at Buea in the SOUTH WEST REGION of CAMEROON. She attended primary school in the NORTH WEST REGION, precisely in the DONGA MANTUNG DIVISION.  

Eldest of a family of six girls, as a child, she was already assigned social, cultural and sporting responsibilities in school. This allowed her time to overcome the boundaries of shyness and timidity, developing in her the sense of contact and management. The fame and notoriety of her grandparents, village elders of TABENKEN, imposed in her a fairly strict and respectable behaviour.

From the age of 12, her parents enrolled her into a boarding school at the Baptist High School (BHS) in Buea. During her college years, she had a particular passion for literary materials and novels. She spent hours in the library in her quest to better master the Shakespearian language, where a nascent political ambition was born.

In high school, the social distinction between class and schoolmates caused in her a slight frustration, but did not stop her persevering pursuit. She engaged in cultural activities such as dances associated with ‘makossa’ at ‘ndombolo’, revealing in her a passion for the art. She began with humour by imitating artists to the extent of making private dance presentations in the school dormitory. Very eloquent, she participated in many debates at school which recorded a standing ovation in one of those debates and she became at the same time very sociable with her ability to open up to others.

On leaving college, she had many ambitions and hoped for three wishes:
-    to be a journalist or TV presenter,
-    to be a woman of State, diplomat, and
-    to be the first woman governor of Cameroon.

Her father, a certain James NDUKONG, a conservative committed to the promotion of the mother tongue and a vernacular speaker at the town radio station, and sensitive to the media, aroused the intellect of his eldest daughter by imposing her regularly to watch television in order to increase knowledge and to arouse curiosity.

With the financial sufficiency of her parents, Irine BARA had no doubt in achieving her dreams. Unfortunately, upon achieving of the GCE Ordinary Level, she faced many family difficulties as there was a separation in the home, the paralysis of her father, the sickness of her mother and then the death of both parents. She was forced to leave school to care for her five younger sisters. Hence at the age of 18 she entered the workforce and took over the management of the bar dancing of her father "BAMENDA CLUB" in Buea which she managed somehow to keep going for some years.

The year 2000 was a new beginning; she left the town of Buea to Douala to begin computer training. She later worked in a company in Douala for 3 years.

Losing her job in Douala, she returned to Buea in 2003 where she went back to school and obtained her Advance Level General Certificate with a good pass.

In 2005, she again began working successively in Douala and Yaounde as an executive secretary.

In 2012, on self-taught, she decided to live her passion in drama and laughter. Thus, March 8, 2012, she found herself in her own humorous full presentation during the celebration of the International Day of the Woman where she did a stand-up comedy show for a crowd of about forty people. She then later decided to move into film. She contacted Pamela Ndukong who is none other than her sister, for whom she had executively sponsored in 2011, her film titled "FAMILY TUSSLE." She was then linked to the editor/director, TEH Reagan, who directed her to script write her own stories. She began script writing her stories.

With a vision of one short film per story, she wrote seven scenarios, which she decided to self-produce. In doing so and assisted by Pamela, to whom she confided the production job of her first series "BARA EXTRAVAGANZA" a 07 short films series shot on location in Buea for 05 days, and mobilising an 18 cast and crew team.

With a completed edited 07 short film series ready for the market, Irine BARA pushed forward to broadcast her television series on TV, but she is quickly confronted with the realities of the business, such as those related to the protection of her works. She decided to set up her company. Thus July 27 2012, BARA HOMELAND ENTERTAINMENT (abbreviated BAHOME) was created.

Today, BAHOME self-produces her films, and ensures their promotion.

The Bara Homeland Entertainment (Bahome) company is approved by the state and specialises in the distribution and sale of Cameroonian films. She also produces events around the local cinema.

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