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CFI elections slated for March 23, 2013
Ernest Kanjo / Sunday, 17 February 2013 09:41

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The Cameroon Film Industry (CFI) will have its first permanent bureau on March 23, 2013. The CFI is the organization under whose banner the country’s film industry has been operating, at least since June 2008. The election of the new bureau was made public on Friday February 15 by the National Coordinator (NATCO) of the CFI Caretaker Committee, Waa Nkeng Musi. It shall be held at the Yaounde Conference Centre.

In a release dated February 8, 2013 and done in Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon, the NATCO states that the election of the president of CFI shall be presided at by the Minister of Culture, Ama Tutu Muna and will be held within the context of a General Assembly. Prior to voting, the constitution of the organization will be revised, amended and adopted by the GA, the release states further.

According to the NATCO, guilds and CFI zonal co-ordinations are supposed to start preparing for the event by registering artists who will be present in Yaounde on March 23.

In another release, the CFI Caretaker Committee appoints Dr Fai Tagem Donatus as president of the electoral commission. Fai, a renowned dramatist, actor and University don and his commission peers are said to be of high probity. Others in the Fai Commission include Irine Nange (secretary), Bassek Ba-Khobio (member), Mfuh Ebenezer (member) and Gilam Dickson (adviser). Bassek Ba-Khobio it should be noted is arguably Cameroon’s leading film maker who doubles as director of Ecran Noirs, the annual African Film Festival held in Cameroon. Mfuh Ebenezer on his part is one of the pioneers in the production of contemporary Cameroonian movies done in the English language. He is also the proprietor of a Douala-based film academy and a broadcaster par excellence. Meantime, Gilam Dickson is undoubtedly the most active promoter of the film industry in Cameroon at least for now. He is proprietor of Hotel Residence Carlos in Muea, today the venue of most CFI events.

The Cameroon Film Industry (CFI) was created in June 2008 in Buea with the mission of transforming a baby industry into a professionally rooted film outfit for a country endowed with natural, cultural as well as human resources. It has held four national conventions (Buea, Bamenda, Yaounde and Kumba), organized to promote the spirit of specialization and professionalism.

TIPTOPSTARS will be deploying a battery of entertainment reporters to cover the CFI elections at the Yaounde Conference Centre come March 23.

Soon after the NATCO’s press releases, we sought to know from some film makers what they think about the up-coming CFI elections. For reasons of neutrality, we decided to publish their views (unedited).

Agbor Jenet Manyi (Producer, Sweden) Maybe they will give details will be given in the meeting; also, this is what the CFI people have been waiting for...but for me, I don't think election is the main problem of Cameroon Film Industry...so no other comment or reaction.

Penjo Baba (Film maker, Yaounde, Cameroon)Let them tell us how the elections will be conducted, the venue and the time. Will the present natco be presenting as candidates or they will be off the new candidates list, because am sure everyone is tired of them. And to me, the elections should be done in guilds and not a one man voted as cfi president or so, so only if we form guilds with their heads and let them run their guilds with nobody imposing on them, it will be great. I don't think anybody like the cfi president or SG or whatever is needed. We want actors guilds, producers guilds, directors guilds, script writers guild, technicians guilds that involves makeup, lights, sound, continuity and every other... And then come out with constitution for each guild and where the registration should be done, where their offices will be found, discuss the benefits of each guild after registration, what kind of professional badges each member of a guild should hold that can give u a high recognition and respect where you use it, We do not need any natco for cfi, we need guilds and their respective leaders to run their guilds independently...where they can control and screen people, scripts, movies, actors, producers, directors, technicians and be able to sanction or promote when necessary without any favor or personal interest. With constitutions to follow, we will not have.that personal interest and favoritism again.
That's my own opinion..

Henry Obama (Actor, producer, Yaounde, Cameroon)Well to be honest elections are always a good thing, he pushes the former president and bureau to give out public what they did and also their future plans. Also competition is always a good thing in film industry but since we are Cameroonians, elections are more like mafia, people only care about their position and profit making. We need true leaders who can make Cameroon Cinema the best in Africa and why not in the world, we have the talents. God is Almighty

Solange Yijika (Actress, Yaounde) "To be a good leader you must do these two things: (1) Spend time with the people. sheep gain confidence by smelling the shepherd's scent and rubbing up against him. Getting the idea? If you're afraid to get close to people, maybe it's because you've too much to hide - like pride or insecurity or weakness. Only when people feel truly valued will they value you and follow you. (2) Get out ahead of the people. How do you know when it's time to move? when the people under your leadership start grumbling.No vision is permanently stopped by lack of finances, but by a lack of faith and courage, and an unwillingness to step out and take risks. When you do, you'll discover that God can do exceedingly abundantly...
Have a great day”

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