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Epic movies: Beyond the Storm storming soon
Ernest Kanjo / Friday, 24 February 2012 15:53

beyondAfrican epic movies are a sensation to lovers of cinema. The extra-ordinary costumes and make-ups give them a special coloration, making these movies particularly different from other types. With over 250 (figure in books) ethic groups and countless smaller clan/tribes, it is certain Cameroon owns a huge store of indigenous stories. If just one third of these stories were translated into movies, Cameroon would be second to known in epic films production.

A good number of hope-rising producers have understood this and are making frantic efforts to that effect. That explains why scores of epic movie projects have been noticeable in recent times in the Cameroonian film landscape.

One of such projects is Kenneth O. Akoh’s Beyond the Storm currently in gestation. Editing of the first part of the film has been going on in a Douala suit and according to the producer, Beyond the Storm will be ready for consumption by the end of April 2012.

The story’s writer might have exploited themes common in many movies, but Kenneth O. Akoh who doubles as director of the film did well to inject an exceptional cinematographic meaning to Beyond the Storm. Love, betrayal, unfaithfulness and more are what cast and crew have carefully weaved to produce a captivating piece of techno-artistic work.

Perhaps the epic movies’ strength will be the choice of actors hired for the job. Employing Quinta Eyong aka Mummy Queen on set with Ebako Derick alias Drick West is no doubt a smart blend. The two count among some of the finest actors the country now prides itself with. Also, having Ngangum Mathew (of blessed memory) as camera operator was a wise option meant at giving Beyond the Storm the image quality the film deserves.

Shot for 10 days on locations in Douala, the project was not a bell of roses though. “Not only was it financially costly, we faced transportation and other logistical difficulties as well,” said Akoh. The producer also told TIPTOPSTARS Editor that dealing with budding artists was a little challenging. “We however succeeded in overcoming these setbacks,” he said.

Written in 2007, Beyond the Story, a Kennywood Pictures production is screenplayed by Kenneth O. Akoh with Valerie Ngwa as lighting technician and Gwendoline A. as continuity artist. Bang Michael Esopi made arrangements for the locations for the 120-minutes long film and ensured the entire management of the project which has caused the producer’s purse a 5, 5 millionFCFA loss, at least for now.

Once completed, the movie will be distributed nationwide. This will however happen after a premičre, billed for the Douala Bercy (negotiations underway) would have taken place. “We are also going to negotiate broadcasting deals with My TV Africa, Africa Unite TV and other entertainment channels in Canada, the US and UK,” Akoh announced.

Also featuring in Beyond the Storm are Saint Charles, Roger Brice Sogbo, Raphael Matouke, Lucie Memba, Jay N and Sonny L. They are made up by Eveline Kemga.

The story, whose second part will be shot in the coming months, will eventually be stretched into a 52-episode serial, according to its author.

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