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Taka Tanni produces own movie: Deep Sea Diving soon!
Ernest Kanjo / Saturday, 18 February 2012 03:19

ttsTaka Tanni is now a household name. She is one of Cameroon’s most prominent actresses with a huge following, especially in the diaspora. She is known to be a sufficiently spectacular actor on set. Yet, just few of her fans know she also patronizes productions. The Los-Angeles based actress has indeed found her own seat on board the film production bus, kicking off with the 120 minutes long Deep Sea Diving (Part 1 &2). “I’m an individual who dares and loves challenges. Venturing into movie production is just one of those challenges I thought I should face, after working in several productions as an actor,” Taka Tanni told TIPTOPSTARS Editor.

The actress cum producer explained that prior to producing Deep Sea Diving, she had a very feeble idea about the hurdles involved in production, yet she wanted to do it. “I was used to being relaxed as an actor and bothered little about what producers were going through. I couldn’t imagine it was that stressful until I gave it a try,” she told us. That try has turned out to be an entire sponsorship of the movie which will be released and launched in Nigeria and Ghana come April. “Thereafter, we’ll launch the movie here in the US,” Taka Tanni announced.

Deep Sea Diving Taka Tanni confirmed, sucked a huge bunch of dollars from her purse, yet that wasn’t the only major difficulty faced in the production. “I also had to do a lot of drilling and at one moment I took on the continuity, when the person in charge ran into an emergency,” she explained.

Shot on locations in Maryland, USA, Deep Sea Diving, a Taka Tanni story written with the collaboration of Lilian Ndi and Nick Zenora, decries the over-zealous nature of excited immigrants better known in Cameroonian parlance as bushfallers. Their anxiety and greed always lead them to undertaking projects they finally are unable to execute. That explains why the bushfaller in Deep Sea Diving soon becomes economically crippled even after benefitting from an American Green Card and Social Security upon coming to the US on a DV lottery ticket. He is only a housekeeper but would want to enjoy the pleasures of a self-owned house, gorgeous car and other niceties which the system allows you to have, but indebting you for life in the process. Our tragic hero later finds out life in Uncle Sam’s country is not as rosy as he had expected when he spends much of it working to pay off sweet-bitter debts. Stress and physical breakdown show up. Know what happens as revealed by the rest of the story by watching Deep Sea Diving when it is released in the coming weeks.

Directed and edited by John Uche, the Divine Vision International and Lijets movie was shot for eight weeks, starring Nollywood’s Jim Iyke and Taka Tanni. Also featuring in the movie are Lilian Ndi, Maureen Esealuka, Joseph Kometa, Imma Tabod, Elvis Etabe, Seraphine Fon and Rajah Muntu. The movie’s D.O.P and sound technician Nick Zenora has ensured a standardized technical quality of this maiden production by Taka Tanni whose posters are being printed in Nigeria.


0 #4 mirris mafor tanni 2012-06-15 11:40
hello sis,
what a lovely job ur doing my dear.i know u've beenthrough difficult moments in life n u also know how u've always found ur way to d top of it all .so my lovely blood keep it up n let ur secret of success don't ever let u down.as ur prayers move mountains so r my prayer n wishes for u move mega n divine establishments in life. lots of love
0 #3 silvia tah 2012-02-20 10:51
TAKA TANNI , this lady is doing really gd and am proud of the way she is taking cameroon to places . Taka is international now. the 1st great actress from cameroon so far. i cant wait to see producers back home call her and do a village movie.. thumps up TT
0 #2 BIGSTEVE AGBOR 2012-02-19 13:29
0 #1 AGBOR STEPHEN EBAI 2012-02-19 13:28
taka tanyi i just want to say its a wonderfull job u are doing keep it up and one day i may call u up for a colabo


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