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Sabga: True story translated into movie
Ernest Kanjo / Sunday, 12 February 2012 16:32


Victor Viyuoh might have been living in the USA for a long while now, but the film maker has remained firmly attached to his roots. He sharply recalls happenings during his days in Sabga, a small Mbororo settlement along the Bamenda-Ndop highway in the North West region of Cameroon. As a young person growing up there, Viyuoh recalls that his counterparts suffered under the weight of social sins committed against them. One of such ills was early marriage and a particular case keeps thriving in his mind. It is this case the Los Angeles-based producer/director is regurgitating in an up-coming Cameroonian movie. “It’s a true story, based on facts. It happened in Sabga, where I grew up,” Viyuoh told TIPTOPSTARS Editor on the line to Los Angeles.

Editing of the movie, Ninah’s Dowry is currently going on in the USA. “By April, we intend to release Ninah’s Dowry,” Viyuoh revealed.

The movie recounts the story of Ninah who at a tender age of 20 is mother of three. She was forced in early marriage seven years ago, yet this relationship shows no signs of a better future. When news of her dad’s hospice illness reaches her, Ninah defies her husband and goes to speak her mind to the man who put her in such a matrimonial bondage. Upon her father's death, the youthful wife and mother decides to return home no more, but stays back to run a small restaurant. Another dramatic episode comes up when Ninah’s husband later learns of his wife's pregnancy. Mad in anger, the provoked husband comes to get one of two things – the dowry he paid on her or the woman he has owned all these years. How will this happen? The rest of the story is told in this 95-minutes film shot in Sabga.

The production of Ninah’s Dowry movie has not been problem-free. “We would have loved to have more financially comfortable than we were, especially during the shooting phase,” the film director told us. "If you want to consider the money actually spent
on production and post items, including the director's flight, it would be
around $50,000. But if you want to include the cost of equipment, shipping and clearing at the
seaport in Douala and expenses incurred on two previous attempts to film, the
budget becomes more like $150,000," Viyuoh explained further. Other logistical problems, independent of Fintu Films (the production house under whose banner Ninah’s Dowry is produced) delayed the making of the movie originally billed for 2007. However, the cast selected made up for the difficulties encountered. “The actors were remarkably brilliant on set and I must say I was quite satisfied with their performance,” said Viyuoh of the movie’s cast.

According to the film maker, Ninah’s Dowry which is done is English, pidgin and Babanki will be premiered in Los Angeles for the USA and possibly Yaounde and Buea for Cameroon. “Thereafter, we shall plunge the movie into circulation in the US, Europe, Central and West Africa,” Viyuoh explained. The director of the up-coming Cameroonian movie also told TIPTOPSTARS that Fintu Films intends to submit Ninah’s Dowry for film festivals around the world.

Directed by Victor Viyuoh, Ninah’s Dowry is produced by Rolland Affuombue, Che Hilarious, Hasumati Patel and Daniel Tan. Starring in the movie are Nkwah Kingsley, Anurin Nwunembom, Mbufung Seikeh, Kecha Nobert.

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