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Cameroonian epic film soon!
Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:03

slavedreamsCameroon continues to grow in its movie production. Another hit film gets counted in the next couple of months. Producer Aurelien Henry Obama and co-producer, Akime Lionel have just returned from shooting camps in small villages near the university town of Soa, few kilometers from Cameroon’s capital Yaounde. The duo, crew and cast have been building up what will in the coming months be described as one of Cameroon’s leading epic movies. Slave Dream is the title given to the work.
According to Obama who is undoubtedly his country’s most prominent martial artist in cinema, Slave Dream is action-packed. It is centred on clannish conflict between two Manyu (Division in the South West region of Cameroon) settlements – Eyang and Obang. Both clans are fighting to secure possession of a river that separates them. Eyang, led by a less aggressive King, Ebot Besong opts for concession, but Obang wouldn’t let her pride water down. The latter’s warlike ruler, the uncrowned Prince Takam would prefer to fight on. What happens next is what the now awaited Cameroonian movie has in store.
Post-production of Slave Dream will take place for about three months. “This is because we intern to hit international standards and make the film one of the greatest productions ever,” the producer told TIPTOPSTARS Editor on the line from Yaounde.
Directed by Kameron Popman, Slave Dream written by Akime Lionel features amongst others Senge Grace, Klay Obi, Sona Solange, Njuh Louis. Aurelien Henry Obama and Akime Lionel also play prominent roles on set as actors. Ntep Kelly was the movie’s Director of Photography (D.O.P).
Before it is officially released in September, Slave Dream will be submitted for a Malian film festivals come June 2012.

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+1 #2 Law Man 2012-02-10 15:44
Hi to all culture lovers . This is one step of the thousand miles we have to journey . What i must say is that we shall win no matter what . So let no lover culture and art relent in any way .

I extend my greetings to all
+1 #1 Sékou 2012-02-09 16:55
Keep it up!! Africa is proud of you guys!!!


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