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Movies: Yela yearns for stardom
Ernest Kanjo / Tuesday, 17 January 2012 17:44

 SergeLittle did they know they were grooming a future movie celebrity when college principals encouraged young Yela Serge with handsome prizes each time he performed stage drama in school. Yela was only a school boy, at the time a student of the famous Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Bamenda and Progressive Comprehensive High School, PCHS but would perform like a professional dramatist to the admiration of his audience. Today, the talented actor has become a highly demanded professional set performer and is making great in-roads in the arts he knows best.
Yela gives meaning to his country’s film industry with his exceptionally good display of set skills that have fast become an irresistible pill for producers and directors. His admirable composure on the tally light, mastery of script lines and flexible interchange of roles make him a soothing actor in all the films he has starred or featured in. L.T Njeck’s Fleshes is a good example of the young actor’s prowess. “It was my most challenging job, but I’m glad I was up to the task,” the up-and-coming movie star who is also a graduate from the University of Yaounde II, Soa told TIPTOPSTARS editor recently.
Other movies such as Osmosis directed by Elvis Tanwie aka Deddadies and Living My Wrongs directed by L.T NjecK have enjoyed uncontested appreciation thanks to actor Yela. The 1.86m-tall artist who is also a scriptwriter has featured in The Gateau, Prodigal Son and Students’ Cot. His first movie, Tomorrow’s Millionaires is an unforgettable experience the English-speaking Cameroonian movie actor loves to talk about. “It was a baptism of fire, but inspired me a lot,” he said.
A native of Bali Nyonga, Mezam Division of the North West region of Cameroon, Yela who loves reading and politics admires Nollywood’s Jim Iyke and Hollywood’s Denzel Washington. “They’re my role models and I keep working hard to beat their records some day,” he said confidently. The holder of a Maitrise (Cameroonian post—graduate degree) in Business Law has written Sickle Cell, a story that will be produced by Wa’a Musi who doubles as president of the Cameroon Film Industry, CFI.
Yela who has been in the seventh art since 1999, is a born actor you would please if you serve him a plate of achu, a traditional delicacy from some parts of the North West region of Cameroon. He dresses in black, brown, white or red. “These are my favourite colours,” the artist told us.

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0 #2 Aurelien Henry OBAMA 2012-02-16 11:48
Yela Serge is one of the greatest uprising Cameroonian film star, he has encouraged me a lot in the film business without his support I wouldn't have been doing movies.
I'm certain we shall act more movies together, God bless you brother, keep up the flame of success
0 #1 jean baptiste fobate 2012-01-19 08:59
Kudos my brother Yela this is a dream come true when we started the industry in Soa little did we know that we you shall one day be acclaimed by the great Mr.Ernest Kandjo thanks for the hope and growth bro hope to see you at the top some day....love you bro


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