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Clash of Inheritance Launched in Grand style
Ernest Kanjo / Monday, 08 June 2009 10:28

Clash_Pic1Blessed are those who answered present at the Yaounde Hilton on 4 June 2009! For, they saw the wonders of COLLYWOOD! Yes indeed, the launching of Agbor Steve's  was a COLLYWOOD wonder. Colour, glamour, talent, believe, acceptance, etc, characterized the evening, meant to showcase the stuff COLLYWOOD is made of. If CRTV's Jimla Nene Shadzeka stole the show with her much-needed endorsement of the COLLYWOOD brand, her co-MC, Nange Ngong Mirabel held guests spellbound by her attractive articulation, bilingualism, soothing words and soul-searching voice. If Yaounde-based film makers showed up to support Steve, their kind, actors who thronged the Hilton in their numbers drowned themselves in the events. They were glamorous and made COLLYWOOD proud. We spotted the talented Solange Yijika, Yimbu Emmanuel, Zana, Von Yen Bi, Mbongho Junior N.N. Continuity lord Tanwie Elvis, clad in a fashionable jacket and leather trousers pulled attraction. Dressed in Yuraba traditional regalia, producer Chi Anthony commanded respect from the other stars. They took turns in saluting the producer of Ancestral Wrath and Social Slot, whose return on Hello has been acclaimed. The VIP bench was full. We spotted Evelyn Borno, one of COLLYWOOD's most active elderly female actors.   Then came the moment - the stars on the podium. Director Neba Lawrence had the privilege to present the stars in Clash of Inheritance. One after the other, they were escorted to the podium by COLLYWOOD pungents, arm-in-arm. See the smiles on their faces: Quinta Eyong, Tanyisong Candylaurice, Solange Ojong, Ngonga Janvier, Muma Pascal (Bob) and Amah Elvis. The applause was thunderous. "You guys are greeeeaaaattttt!!!," a guest who after watching the movie was convinced shouted from behind.

Then, to grace the launch, the talented singers took turns - Dog Star, Richard Kings, music, music and music.

Perhaps, the highlight of the day was the movie itself. Clash of Inheritance is a masterpiece! The hall was unanimous. The Agbor Steve Ebai movie meets the standards of home video. The producer calls it a block buster, but fans of the movie have described Clash of Inheritance as one of COLLYWOOD's golden ring which will only be place on golden fingers. The directing is wonderful, images great, locations appropriate, costumes soothing, acting superb and editing professionally done. That's the kind of movie Big Steve has been up to this time around. We sought reactions as we left the hall:

  • Clash of Inheritance is truly a block buster - Keti Sylvanus, actor
  • Clash of Inheritance is a professionally done piece - King Aluan, actor/musician
  • I'm happy Collywood is on the move - Vehany, actress/musician
  • The movie is simply great - T-Jay, actor
  • I'll recommend Clash of Inheritance anywhere any time - Yimbu Emmanuel, actor
  • I can only feature in a movie Neba is directing, hahahaha - Solange Yijika
  • I now know who's who, hahahahaha -
  • I enjoyed the movie - Von Yen Bi, actress
  • Let's produce more of such movies - Alasabom Nyintchou, actor, Performing Arts student
  • Great work - Efeti Moka, actress/journalist

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