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BEFORE YOU SAY YES I DO: Solidifying A Great Story With Beautiful Acting
Ernest Kanjo / Saturday, 23 May 2020 01:57

BYSYID TTSReviewFrank Sire’sBefore You Say Yes I Do (BYSYID) is a typical sample of a great story, harnessed by amazing acting performance. Both elements, story and artists’ performance are so intelligently woven with what would conveniently be described as obvious result – successful production.

First, the cast, especially the ones that directly operate the theme of the story, love, are carefully selected. Looks and love language (verbal and gesticulations) put together, BYSYID scored the point. Playing along these lines, lead actor, Frank Sire (Jack), in all his scenes, fixes his tone to match the moments – refer to the recovery scene with Chanel (Pridine Fru) and the last scene in the movie.

Female lead, Syndy Emade (Lovette), is at her best in BYSYID. Not only does the actress sound so audible with her lines, but her accompanying moods tie up a fantastic set interaction bundle that justifies the pairing with Sire. Reference: scene where she yields to the incompatibility with her fiancé yet plays mature into his arms. Also reference her sharp change of posture when an intruder betrays her to-be chief bridesmaid and the man she is getting set to tie the nuptial knot with. Good acting!

Pridine Fru (Chancel) plays self-defense throughout the story. How she amazingly executes that - lines and gestures, adds the impetus to BYSYID. Reference: recovery scene – “….yes, I’m hungry, but I won’t have lunch with you...” Also reference the date scene with Peter (Nchifor Valery) – “…yes, you are good for me, but, I’m not good for you...” The last scene of the movie also reveals the actress prowess.

In most of Otia Vitalis’ (Mr Watson) movies, he plays the gentleman. That sharply contrasts his posture in BYSYID. In the movie, the actor, in a bid to inflict a payback punch on his wife, Mrs Watson (Glory Chando Mokake), has to be fierce. The director’s close shots during such moments, make Otia’s performance in the given scenes quite effective. Versatility!

Perhaps, the Maradona in BYSYID is Nchifor Valery. The actor plays his 90 minutes without any signs of fatigue. Rather, he picks up an additional role of energy supplier to every interlocutor he crosses roads with. Nchifor (Peter) fields in brilliant acting in all his scenes with Pridine (Chancel). Also reference his batch eve scene spectacle and coaching scene with Jack’s dad (Otia Vitalis). Take note of the actor’s spontaneity in all his dialogues.

What makes BYSYID a movie to watch, is the story itself. Plotted in from two angles – Jack and Lovette and Jack’s parents, the filmmakers weave it so meticulously to reveal the lesson of the day – placing value of what you have and avoid losing it to regret thereafter.

The winner, at the end of the day, is the story’s writer. He performs an excellent job in crafting the dialogues, rich in theme-related terminologies, idiomatic expressions, punchy responses, and exclamations.

It is more in the watching, that the pudding of BYSID would taste more palatable. Watch it!

Technical Sheet

Movie title: “Before You Say Yes I Do”

BYSYID: Abbreviation for title (Per reviewer)

Length: 88 minutes

Type: Feature film

Location: Limbe and Yaounde

Story/Screenplay: Frank Sire

Editor: Priestly Andoh

Producer: Frank Sire

Executive Producer: Pridine Fru

Production Outfits: Sirenation & Prez-Dyne Productions

Director: Frank Sire

Streaming: Amazon Prime Video


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