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Philldelle Yve: Stunning rise of speech mogul
Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 21 December 2017 00:11

Philldella l_3The soothing glamour that often emerges as a conspicuous ingredient in screen acting has undoubtedly stood tall as the winning competitor in the race with other aspects in the business. That makes glamour the number one and in quasi all cases, the only talk that stays around permanently.

Whether screen icons are intelligible, speak intellectually or can offer reasonable and society-profitable discourse, is ironically not topical. Yet, someone had boldly emphasized that actors were, from every ramification, very brain-sounded class of people.

If we only went by the fact that these performers, through suitably crafted speech and convincing set gesticulations, are prone to tell stories written by other people, to the utter amazement of audiences, then, settling on the aforementioned, is safe.

But again, that reasoning is sadly always short in supply, perhaps, because fewer audience members have access to the hinds of scenes and curtains.  For those who habitually access actors off set, perceptions vis-à-vis the latter, are clearly different.

Philldella Yve’s outward glamorous presentation, from every indication, sweeps all the gold and jealously preserves it, at the expense of the actress’ other side – the side that harbours what material she is actually made of – the brains version. If someone simply pin-pointed the up-and-coming Nollywood set heroine as beauty and brains, then they scored the point. As a matter of fact, that is what the movie artist is.

The story of how Philldella Yve, from a dual background (Nigeria and Cameroon), stepped into the movie world will be told subsequently, but her arrival into the seventh art was the obvious finish line.  If script interpretation largely gives consideration to oral strength, which should obviously be the case in some challenging productions, then the young African actress wears the fitting garment. “Her fluent speech has been a great asset in every movie we have shot with her,” said a close Nollywood collaborator of the respectable actress.

Fluency apart, Phil, as some of her Cameroonian counterparts would affectionately call her, displays an amazing mastery of the English language. “That’s an added impetus to her work and I have a lot of admiration for her in that direction,” Germain, a lover of movies and lay film critic told TIPTOPSTARS. “Each time I watch her movies, I fling my ears wide open just to enjoy the actress’ English – she’s marvelous,” she went further.

In 2015 when the she made her maiden appearance in front of a Nollywood camera for Festival of Love, little did the 26-year-old performing artist know her subsequent days would be so professionally fulfilling. Her street and Church drama past had not appeared to speak more to her at this time, though it would later be a good story to tell. Less than 36 months down the road, her craft has secured a significantly bulky harvest, even to her own surprise. “I’d say it’s the hand of God that is changing this humble story of mine,” Phil told us. She added: “It couldn’t have been Philldella alone.” “My friends and fans have stood beside me as well, selflessly supporting every bit of my progress and I don’t take that for granted.”

Her brilliant performance, though at the first attempt, in Festival of Love, ushered in a fresh breeze of inspiration which was later to play a positive effect on Philldella’s acting prowess. She then excelled in subsequent productions including Crossing The Battle Line, Sponky Brown, To Live A Lie, My Love My Tears, Heart of A Maiden, Royal Game, Back From Congo, Mirror of The Soul and Government Treasure.

Today, Philldella’s artistry fetches the Nollywood actress her well-deserved booty as a video vixen. “I have modelled for a couple of products and services and find the experience really fulfilling,” she said. The telegenic artist further told us that she hopes to land many more branding jobs, but was not lying on her laurels. “I work day-in day-out to stay relevant in the art and hope God continues to give me the strength to do so,” she said. 

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