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“Vote for me, I’ve much in store for you” - Zangue Flora, Cameroonian Face of Africa Germany aspirant
TTS / Wednesday, 05 March 2014 22:52

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Cameroonian-born Zangue Flora, just like any other determined young artist, has big dreams. Those dreams, she believes will not end at the level of thoughts. They will be met. The Germany based model and Designer is not easily beaten by fears of venturing in a strange environment. If it is the art she knows best, she is ready to perform anywhere at any time. That’s the zeal with which the Face of Africa Germany aspirant is taking into the competition. Her ambitions even overlap just winning the FOA Germany. She has more up her sleeves. TIPTOPSTARS caught up with Flora ahead of the finals of the competition and in a chat, the young Cameroonian explains
her ambitions and urges fans, friends and well wishers to vote for her. Excerpts!

TIPTOPSTARS (TTS): Who is Flora Zangue?
Flora Zangue (FZ): I’m a fashion designer and a Graduate in Clothing Technology. My brand Florah Z is very exclusive and is only available as unique pieces

TTS: What motivated you to contest for the FOA Germany?
FZ: I was motivated by the fact that Africans can always make it when they’re determined. Contesting for the FOA Germany is also a way of bringing African in Germany to the limelight. These put together inspired to go in for this contest.

TTS: So, what are you doing to be able emerge victorious?
FZ: First, I’m keeping fit via aerobics and cycling. I’m however more psychologically inclined to this course through determination and being proactive in uplifting a positive value in the community I live in. Most especially the support I get from my family and friends keep me on the right track. My will is so strong on this.

TTS: How do you intend to represent Africa in the diaspora, across Africa and the world if you emerge victorious?
FZ: I think fashion can be very instrumental in effecting change in Africa. Using African prints in my designs is something I’ve been doing and I’ll continue to do. Feeling good in an outfit, positively affects people psychology to strive towards success. When some one feels good, you have this positive aura that capture people’s attention. So through what I do I think I can be a source of happiness. I also want to be seen by other youths as a symbol of hard work. If they can emulate my example, the continent will definitely go a long way.


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TTS: What would you frown at in Africa?
FZ: Corruption!

TTS: What do you think is the biggest challenge to young people in Africa?
FZ: The biggest challenge to young Africans is umemployment - We need to build our continent.

TS: If you pick up FOA Germany what is the one feature you would change about yourself and why?
FZ: I won’t change anything about myself but continually portray my hiden values and talents

TTS: What are you telling your fans?
FZ: They should vote for me. I have much in store for them.

TTS: Who is your role model?
FZ: My mother. She’s such a hard working woman. She is not a giving up type of a person. Never ! Even when she falls, she quickly rises and races on and that’s what I’m trying to do.I also admire Oscars winner, Kenyan Lupita Nyong'o. I feel like she came from nowhere and now she’s so succesfull. She probably had a long and hard way. I just admire her. She looks simple.


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TTS: Where would you like to see yourself in the next years if you become the face of Africa Germany? What are your long term career goals?
long term career goals?

FZ: Being an ambassador to promote African values And inspire other Africans to live their dreams especially in the African community in Germany . i wil also like to see my Florah Z  designe brand grow and I would like it to be produced in an African country.

TTS: Do you have any special one you’d like to thank for making your dreams come true?

FZ: My Family!

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VOTE NOW : http://faceofafricagermany.com/contestants/flora-zangue/

Knowing Zangue Flora more
Fond name: Flo
Languages: Dschang, French, German, English, Italian
Favourite TV Show: The Wire
Favourite movie: Searching for Happiness
Slogan: If you want something, go get it!
Hobbies:Sewing, indoor climbing, dancing, hanging out with friends
Favorite actors:Will Smith and Denzel Washington

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