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kangquitusKang Quintus is a household name, at least since the start of this year. He has unarguably been one of the most prolific Cameroonian actors living in the diaspora. When he won the Cameroon Entertainment Awards, CEA best actor prize in July, little did the artist know it was the start of a now smooth ride in the area of talent recognition. Then, soon after he grabbed another award at the Cameroon Diaspora Awards, Kang picked up the same prize at the just-past Cam Movies Merit Awards. The Belgium-based actor is happy star, there is every reason to believe so. Perhaps, the joy he expressed at the Hotel Residence Carlos on Saturday November 17, 2012 is true testimony that Kang is on an upward ride towards success. TIPTOPSTARS cornered him, trophy-in-hand, to tell us what his secret was. He spoke to Carista Asonganyi in Buea. Exceprts

Carista Asonganyi (CA): Thanks so much for accepting this interview.

Kang Quintus (KQ): You are welcome.

CA: CMMA just named you best Cameroonian actor in the diaspora. Tell us how you feel about that.

KQ: I’m a very happy man today. I feel very excited.

CA: Did you expect this victory?

KQ: No, it took me unaware. It’s a pleasant surprise.

CA: What would have been the reason for the choice of Kang Quintus?

KQ: I wouldn’t know as a matter of fact. It was a highly contested category. The contestants in that category are all great actors whom I admire so much.

CA: What does this award mean to you?

KQ: A challenge to work harder, having in mind that there are people expecting much from me.

CA: To whom do you dedicate this prize?

KQ: To the Fabsix who have stood by me since the beginning of this journey, to all directors and producers I have worked with and to my family and friends. Above all, I dedicate this award to the Almighty God who gave me the talent I’m today exploring.

CA: What would you tell your fans?

KQ: I love all of them, they should expect more from me. This is just the beginning of better things to come.

CA: And to the organizer…

KQ: I’m thanking them for the opportunity they have given us to show the world what we’ve got the talent. This is a good sign of better things to come.

CA: Which is your most memorable movie?

KQ: Decoded, Rage, I’ve got a couple of those movies that are close to my heart.

CA: Who is your Cameroonian model actor?

KQ: Jeff Epule and Lynno lovert. There are many others who inspire me.

CA: Thanks for the brief chat.

KQ: Kang Quintus will always be available for TIPTOPSTARS – thanks for the interview and kudos to the great magazine.

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