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Film maker Elvis Tanwie aka De Daddies hardly finds time to have a respite. He shuttles between one project to the other. Itís less than 72 hours since he completed his most recent directing job. De Daddies had been directing Iíve Decided (tentative title), produced by Alex Fokeng on Yaounde locations. The Yaounde-based film maker has directed several movies including Canal Trap, Ride My Wrongs, Draught, Caught Within, Osmosis, Studentís Cot and Kawaji. He is known for his brilliantly creative nature in film production. Soon after De Daddies retired home from location yesterday, TIPTOPSTARS caught up with him. On the line to Yaounde he spoke briefly with Editor Ernest Kanjo.


Ernest Kanjo (EK): Elvis, thanks for accepting this quick interview. You are just back from location where youíve been directing Iíve Decided, produced by Alex Fokeng. How did you find the production, generally speaking?

Elvis Tanwie (ET): I must say it was a wonderful production. I loved every moment of the job and I think it has been recorded as one of the most exciting productions Iíve ever done.

EK: What made it different form the other jobs youíve done?

ET: First, it was a Christian movie. Secondly, we used a camera which is not very common. Thirdly, I worked with an almost entirely new cast with just a few old hands. This means that I had to do much work.

EK: Did you like the story?

ET: Sure, I did. We donít do a lot of Christian stories, so each time I have the opportunity of doing one, Iím glad. It was a wonderfully written and screenplayed.

EK: What particular thing did you enjoy from the production?

ET: The ingenuity of the crew. We got motion pictures from start to finish using a locally manufactured tripod rails. It was incredibly exciting how we did this, but it worked like magic.

EK: How was your working relationship with the producer?

ET: Great! He is a young producer who is just coming on board the business, but he is very dynamic. He is humble, simple and willing to learn. I enjoyed working with him and hope my next production with Alex will be better.

EK: Which is your next project?

ET: In something like two weeks, I should be back on location to direct a movie, produced by Triumph Productions, a Soa Yaounde-based film house. TIPTOPSTARS will be informed when the time comes.

EK: Thanks for the brief chat Elvis.

ET: Itís my pleasure Ernest, do have a great time.

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