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Cameroon Entertainment Awards: Highlights
Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:05

Walta-Blackson TheBrothersIt could be foreseen that the Cameroon Entertainment Awards, CEA, billed for June will be the biggest Cameroonian showbiz event taking place in the USA in 2012. While some observers will depend on the glamorous phase of the event for its grandeur, this writer looks beyond. That CEA will jerk Cameroon to a shoulder-rubbing level with countries well reputed for breeding the culture of celebrating celebrities is conjecturable. Of course, the journey to that lighted tunnel end may just begin with the maiden edition of the event coming up in June. By the time CEA multiplies in editions, a juicier tale would be told about a Cameroon consecrated with talents. As the countdown to CEA I continues, TIPTOPSTARS also beams its light on the event to identify highlights. In succeeding updates we shall pick out and report on developments we deem newsy. Read on!

Cameroonians endorse CEA
Cameroonians are naturally a culture-loving people. The average person in this country usually described as Africa in miniature has music at heart and would identify with any, if not all of the musical genres that Cameroon offers. For over a decade now, the love for films has been on an upward trend, even causing many young Cameroonians to start imbibing the film making culture. Increasingly, fashion designing is turning into an eventually uncontrollable passion for young women. The knack for sports cannot be overemphasized. These put together, it is not uncommon that Cameroonians have reacted positively to the forthcoming Cameroon Entertainment Awards. Through social network forums, they have dropped in congratulatory messages to the initiators and thrown their might on the event. “CEA is timely. We’ve been doing quite a lot, yet still left in the dark, let the world know us now. My full support to you guys,” one of the messages reads. Countless messages are being registered as the days go by, all pertaining to the fact that CEA is a welcome initiative.

CEA reaches all
It’s a common tendency to rely mostly on artist who are physically closer to the event’s venue. Or, at least those who are more in the limelight even if they are less performant than some who are more talented but less famous. CEA has a more innovative look at this. The awards in a bid to recognize their assiduity, gives consideration to every Cameroonian creative artists who has something to show. Before the final list of four per category is established, nominees have come from virtually all corners of Cameroon. Who knows, this can just be the beginning of some artist’s breakthrough.

Another boost for Cameroon’s film industry
Film production in Cameroon has risen to an unexpected height. Each day, crews are out on locations shooting the next movie. Film premieres are becoming the order of the day. Talented actors now spring up more regularly than was the case in the past. Gratification is therefore an obvious reaction. CEA has been keen on that, reason why the awards has opened up a sizeable portion for film makers and their movies. Not only will CEA produce laureates in this sector, the event will be a firm testimony of the new dispensation that rates Cameroon one of the fast growing industries after Nollywood and Ghollywood. A big one then for book makers of the seven art!
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0 #3 Bebey Tekoma 2012-02-03 04:53
i am a cameroonian living in Spain for five yrs now. i like the cameroon enter, awards thing. i love music and will have my album next yr. i hope this awards has come to stay so that i can pick an award when i do release. kudos.
0 #2 Raymond 2012-02-03 04:42
u guys are getting my support. this will boost our film industry. i hope to win an award.
0 #1 Raymond 2012-02-03 04:40
great initiative out there. congrats to the organizers, let cameroon shine.


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