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Ernest Kanjo / Wednesday, 08 December 2010 16:36
The voices of Shalom, Estelle, Nene, Alo X, Philipo, Bonnard, Sharlene and Leadsman have for the past days been inaugurating what is going to be Yaounde's most modern music recording studio, situated at the Monte Jouvence neighbourhood. The outfit that belongs to DRIMP Foundation has been accommodating the eight young and dynamic singers who emerged from the Gospel Musical 2010 song competition to commence the much-awaited gospel band that has been in the news for the past weeks in Cameroon. Gospel Musical 2010, as the band has been baptized will be releasing a 10-track maiden album come 15 December 2010. This means the young boys and girls have put every other thing to sleep except their golden voices. When this reporter visited the Golden 8 in studio, it was a busy moment. "We have to meet the deadline of 15 December, so it is work all round the clock and we love it," one of them told me. I however succeeded in borrowing some time to talk with each of the up-coming stars.
Shalom, 24 shallom
That I'm in studio recording for the Gospel Musical 2010 is a fulfilled dream.
I'm quite elated. And enjoy every minute of it.  It's been hard work and a new
school because I'm learning each day I work here. I'm convinced the album will
be wonderful and would like to assure our potential audience that we will not fail them.
Estelle, 22
This is a dream come true. I've always wanted to be part of the Gospel band.
Working in the studio has really been challenging, tiring, but as well exciting.
I love the experience and I'm convinced we will pull crowds. The songs are not difficult.
They are lovely.
Nene, 18  
I feel fulfilled. Recording in studio is a completely different experience from singing on TV
like we were doing the past weeks. The current experience is more challenging but at the
same time enriching. I'm also relaxed because we are working with a professional sound
engineer who has the art on his finger tips.
Alo X, 27
A wonderful opportunity indeed! I feel good and that is why I'm giving in my best. Studio work is quite different
from the TV contest we were doing but the eight of us are up to the task. This is by the grace of God. The sound
quality of the songs is impeccable.
Philipo, 26 {fblike}
I feel blessed. Everything comes from God. It has been a great experience. We have been
learning new things and using our voices in the best way. We won't let our potential audience
down, for the songs are good. The talented sound engineer, Emile Ngumbah is doing a great job.
Bonnard, 24
Total satisfaction I should say. I love the company of the other singers and we pull on well.
It is a very technical exercise but passion makes the recording move on smoothly.
The album will be great, I can assure fans.
Sharlene, 23
I understand we have a huge task facing us. The world is waiting and we must live up to
expectation. The eight of us are unique and that is why our product will be unique.
The recording is quite professional and the album will be great. I'm a happy girl today.
Leadsman, 25 {fblike}
A big challenge indeed! You know, our name is big, so our product must reflect it. Coming from an RnB
background, I have been working really hard to embrace makossa. I have also had to work extra hard to
be able to sing in French. It has been challenging, but I have been coping and doing in it enjoyably.
Our album will be first of its kind in Cameroon. Our fans should watch out for it.

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