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Movies: Agbor Steve-produced film soon!
Ernest Kanjo / Wednesday, 01 August 2012 17:16

agbor1As the Cameroonian movie landscape grows in the quantity and quality of films, renowned producers and production houses are not relenting in their efforts to be part of the history-making phenomenon. One of the producers who have maintained the rhythm and would place his fingers on the table to ensure that the industry stands erect is Agbor Steve.

The young director who for just four years in the business has registered laudable successes, is back with a newborn. Agbor and his Chrono Entertainment are set to make public their latest production. Jungle Heirs will be officially released this November, if not earlier. Premieres for the two-hour movie are said to be on Chrono Entertainment’s recent agenda.

On the line to Yaounde, Agbor explained that Jungle Heirs was that other production which will give viewers a run for their money. “We took time to carefully package it, so that the movie suits the taste of the audience,” the film producer told TIPTOPSTARS’ Editor. In the process of making Jungle Heirs a must-watch film, the producers hired some of the best actors and technicians.

Apart from Jim Iyke, Moma Pascal aka Bob, Solange Yijika, Quinta Eyong Ashu, Solange Ojong and Jeff Epule, Alenne Menget, Maru Gatscaya, Aaron Nkongho who are some of the finest actors the continent boasts of, Chrono Entertainment also carefully selected up-and-coming artists commonly admired of late. Such include Elynn Fesse, Agem Lizzy, etc. Perhaps, the presence of Tanyisong Candylaurice is one of the reasons why Jungle Heirs will be another explosion. The said actress is remembered to have put up recommendable performances in previous productions of Chrono Entertainment.

Meantime, the movie is definitely going to be another force to reckon with technically speaking. No doubt, the technical was manned by the prolific Neba Lawrence (as director) and Nollywood’s Ngozi Nkebakuo aka NG1. The latter who is one of Nigeria’s leading camera D.O.Ps has since been so involved in Cameroonian productions.

Written by Agbor Steve Ebai alias Big Steve, Jungle Heirs is shot on locations in Limbe and Buea. It tells the story of a false rumour which is so strong to cause the abdication of the Banyang King from his throne. Scandalized, the elders are taken aback, but determined to re-enthrone their leader. However, the abdicated King can only return at the helm if the source of the rumour is found and the initiator severely punished. The rest of this thought-provoking story can be savoured in this up-coming Neba Lawrence film, produced by Agbor Steve.

It should be recalled that Agbor Steve and Chrono Entertainment have produced other selling movies including Pheonix Scar, Clash of Inheritance, Great Obligation and Neglected Obligation.

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0 #4 KINI WOLFGANG 2012-08-06 22:06
i am very impressive with what is am seeing in fact the coloring and the editing in Cameroon but i have only one problem .How come that we are now acting with Nigeria customs when we have our own to be use not yet exploited . is it that we are OVER DEPENDENT for real . please let's open our eyes we should be like the Ghanian that copies everything from them . AFRICA IS ONLINE
0 #3 harry 2012-08-04 18:36
hello, am over whelmed by the way our country is improving, it has always been my dream to be an actor, i have searced for many years to have a chance to get in to the film industry until this day that i found thi site i will be very pleased if am given a reply thanks looking ofrward to get from you
0 #2 Rachel Ayamba 2012-08-02 19:40
i can`t doubt big steve`s products.i have watched all the above mentioned movies and they were all so wonderful especially with Candylaurice` great performance.keep it up Steve.and God will see u through.
0 #1 ETCHU-TABOT MANYOR N 2012-08-02 17:46
I will give a big plus to my country movie Industoy. Hi am Noah, i studied Business Management and am now studying Cinematography / Screen writing of Film making,stays in Lagos Nigeria. I speak french and English and you?.I pray to join you gays some time to come to bring our country Entertainment to the level of Nollywood.


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