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Cameroonian movies: Beadsmaker beaming soon
Ernest Kanjo / Monday, 05 March 2012 22:43


The producers of Venerated Tradition are back! After several months, working assiduously behind the scenes, Eddie Goffi and Ngwana Films Productions Ltd have emerged with another block buster movie. Beadsmaker appears in public this coming Saturday, 10 march, 2012.

Preparations ahead of the red-carpet premiere for the new and much-awaited movie are underway in Kumba, commercial nerve centre in the South West region of Cameroon. The event which has been slated for Kumba’s prestigious Vianello Hotel is expected to pull crowds of film lovers from within and out of the South West region. “We are also confirming the presence of artistes such as Prince Yerima Afo-Akom and Frank Bebe,”

Perhaps, the coming to Kumba of the popular Nigerian movie marketer, Big G is one of things that will give Beadsmaker’s premiere an event not to miss. Apparently, the Kumba-based film maker has stroke marketing deals with Big G.

A highlight at Saturday’s film premiere will be the award of prizes to actors and some good helpers of the movie industry including Kumba’s senior State Council,” Eddie Goffi told us. He added: “That’s Ngwana Film s Productions Ltd’s little way of appreciating their enormous contribution to the success of the project and the development of the film industry in general.”

Beadsmaker is another made in Cameroon epic movie, expected to win many more fans. It’s a story that conveys the message of love and inspired by the things that happen in a typical African matrimonial setting.

Written in December 2010 by Ngwana Eddie Goffi, the 2.30 minute-long film was shot on locations in Kumba from 18-22 February 2011. It was edited for seven months into a two-part film, ready for the African and international market.

Featuring in the movie directed by Eddie Goffi are Dinga Glenda, Mulango Zanni, Fokeng Vitalis, Sonita Askia, Ewang Judith, Sophy Kinge, Nzogge Felix, Vera Fomimky, Machello and Yinkia Mirian.

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0 #1 Kini Wolfgang 2012-03-11 12:51
look this Sunday in my room i feel like i should kill myself because of this news about the Cameroonian film industry , like their effort. we have to do like this and become like Nigeria one day , i will not called Ghana because their film cannot move without Nigerian inside but for us we use our actors under the reign of BIYAPAUL and do it . epic you see is my BEST movie because i write them too, it deals with so mush humor , suspense and emotions style. "We must became what God say we will be"


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