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New Cameroonian movie: Anxiety heightens for Troubled Kingdom
Ernest Kanjo / Wednesday, 15 February 2012 22:20

DSC05081One of the best things ever in the Cameroonian film industry is about to happen. That the celebrated director Neba Lawrence gets on board with camera maestro Waa Musi and two of the most talented actors, Moma Pascal aka Bob and Solange Yijika, is enough reason to conjecture a big seller Cameroonian movie. A big seller movie is what the still-to-come Troubled Kingdom can confidently be described as, even before the world gets to meet this other proudly made in Cameroon production.

Its just a couple of days ago that the production crew of the movie completed its shooting assignment on Yaounde locations, yet the appetite for Troubled Kingdom seems to be growing faster than expected. I cant wait to watch Troubled Kingdom and the reason is simple; its directed by someone whose works have always received a huge acclamation and caught my attention particularly, a third year University of Buea, Cameroon student told us, referring to Neba Lawrence. Also with Solange Yijika featuring, there is no doubt that its going to be a fantastic job, Anita added.

Like Anita, there are countless fans of Cameroonian movies who would react in like manner to the just-shot movie whose co-producer Fred Keyanti is back to South Africa where he resides after a brief stay in Yaounde. From Cape Town, Fred told TIPTOPSTARS Editor that Troubled Kingdom will see the light of day in early April, just a couple of weeks from now. This will be soon after post-production, expected to take place in Cameroon, South Africa and Nigeria, he said.

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Inspired by the love for his country, Fred told us he brought the Troubled Kingdom project to Cameroon and not South Africa or the USA where his co-producer Sanda Mairo resides because we got all it takes to make a good movie, as he put it. Making the movie in South Africa or the USA would not have translated the message of our cultures adequately, he went on. To the South Africa-based producer who is also a PhD student in Law, it was also a way or investing back home.

But what did it take to get through with the pre-production phase of Troubled Kingdom? It took us time to get every thing in place, Fred told us. He explained further: It wasnt quite easy to get all the locations and other things, but we finally made it, thanks to the director Neba Lawrence, production manager Chiatoh Collins and actor Moma Pascal. Financially, Id say we spent an approximate amount of 3.5 million FCFA.

Written by Fred Keyanti, the film recounts the story of a kingdom, ravaged by social mishaps said to be coming from a princess born out of wedlock abroad while the king was still a prince. The princess who stayed all her life abroad suddenly visits her kingdom, but would refuse to respect the customs and traditions of the land. Trouble sets in as she commits more and more abominable acts. She dies, killed by her own brother Prince James who wants to appease the gods and ancestors before taking the throne.

In the 70 to 76 minutes long film, the author exploits the themes of love and western civilization life versus African traditional values. Upon completion of the post-production, Troubled Kingdom will be premiered in Cameroon, USA and South Africa. It will subsequently be premiered in the UK, Belgium and Netherlands, Fred Keyanti who is also the producer of Xplosif Choppers, another Cameroonian movie in gestation announced. Amongst other countries, the Cam Movie & Entertainment Pro

movie will be circulated in Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia.

Featuring in Troubled Kingdom are Moma Pascal aka Bob, Solange Yijika, Mairo Sanda (US-based Cameroonian actress), Chiatoh Collins, Nchifor Valery, Solange Ojong, Abgor Madeleine aka Mummy Meg, Ruth Nkwenti, Jazzy Jeff, Solan Fred Keyanti amongst others

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0 #3 Kini Wolfgang 2012-03-10 00:03
look , this evening that i am writing on my carpet i don't just know how to irrupt this anxiety out of me , like i earlier said to the the other people that i am impress , i want to say that , the BIG FOOT that Cameroon is putting down ,it will be very very difficult to pull down d . I will like to thank the editors of Tip top stars because they have remove the bow of shame on the face of the Cameroonian , because i can go now and get news about arts in my country . thank God for our nation and our talent that we have realist that we have now because it seems as if, if everything was left only in the hand of the government then we will still be backward because they know only agriculture and football. thank you for everything
0 #2 nKanya 2012-02-16 08:06
Good job guys, this is absolutely a thrill. Keep up with the hard work. I am also an actor and honestly hoping our paths may be crossed someday in the future as I would like to work for you.
+1 #1 Fred 2012-02-15 23:25
I want to thank the editors of Tip Top Stars for sharing our story about the movie "Troubled Kingdom". God bless Cameroon Film Industry.


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