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NAFCA 2012: Vote for Cameroonian Taka Tanni
Ernest Kanjo / Tuesday, 17 January 2012 20:35

ttsshowt2Those who knew Taka Tanni long before she re-located to the United States of America would easily agree with this reporter that the actress and all-round artist is only plying a road that was by traced for her by providence. As a little girl growing up in Cameroon, this now popular entertainer impressed her peers with her captivating sociable nature. Being in the mood and en vogue with the way of life at every given time was a character trait that was to later explain what the talented artist has become. Friends could easily tell where the ever-smiling actress’ direction led to. Ambition read all around her. Taka Tanni’s shinny today therefore has undoubtedly stood as a true answer of her careful ambition-tinted yesterday. She is one of Cameroon’s leading movie stars.
That Taka Tanni has captured enormous attention, making scores of fans around the globe is what the Los Angeles-based artist had longed for. But she had not wanted to have this fame served her on a platter of gold. “I have always wanted to work hard for any of my achievements,” she explained to TIPTOPSTARS editor on the line to Texas a couple of days ago. It is this hard work and her thrilling movie performance that have attracted the Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards, rewarding her with a nomination at the next edition of the festival taking place in September this year. “The nomination took me by surprise…I did not expect to be named, but it so happened that someone somewhere had been keen on my performance and loved it,” Taka told this reporter. She is now vying for the prestigious best actress award and hopes to grab it. “I’m confident and know I’ll make it,” she said confidently. But this will also largely depend on her fans and the general film public. The actress had this to tell her fans recently on a social network forum: “Voting for People's Choice award has already started. Please click on www.nollywoodcritics.com  and cast your vote for TAKA TANI. Select WHO IS YOUR BEST ACTRESS from the box and scroll down. Then select TAKA TANNI and SUBMIT. It takes less than a minute to do that. You can vote from your phones, laptops, offices, cybercafé, homes, schools and libraries. Thanks in advance.” Voting rounds off in June.
Taka Tanni’s performance will be judged from four of the 27 movies she has starred or featured in so far. The four; Infamous Deception, Night Shift, American Marriage and Issues are described by a film critic as must-watch movies.
Living in the USA since 2001, Taka Tanni first hit the movie set in 2009. She has since then been regular and making great strides in the process. The Cameroonian movie star has had several other Africa movie celebrities as set interlocutors including Nollywood’s Emeka Ike, Jim Iyke, Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Ekeinde, Desmond Elliot and Ghollywood’s Van Vicker and Nadia Buari. The actress who flies to New York in the coming days to start shooting a much-awaited soap opera is also a radio host and TV show presenter. She is the producer of a 2010 feature movie titled Deep-sea Diving. While you keep voting massively for Taka Tanni, watch out for an exclusive interview with the multi-talented artist on TIPTOPSTARS coming up soon.

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+1 #5 Gertrude Bih 2012-01-19 18:30
be sure u can count on us. you are a star. cameroon is proud of u. hold the flame. Gertrude Bih in Buea.
+1 #4 Gamsi Benard 2012-01-19 11:34
We love u all and believe that u are going to grap that award to make us proud so we will continue voting for u take care that award is urs and u deserve it.
+2 #3 A. Atem 2012-01-19 03:27
u sure will make it trough.i love what u guys are doing. let us make cameroon proud by supporting our heros and heroines. taka tanni u are the star and we will vote for u. good luck!
+2 #2 Emmaculate 2012-01-19 03:23
Wow! This is my star. I admire your performance my girl.I will lemd you my full support, you cam count on my vote. Keep the flag flying my dear. Let me also say kudos to Ernest Kanjo, you are an asset to the entertainment industry in Cameroon. Thanks you so much tiptopstars, you guys are the best. Emmaculate in Bafoussam.
+2 #1 Motila 2012-01-18 23:21
I'm a fan of Cameroonian films and Cameroonian movie stars. I have been following up Taka T. and I think she is a great actress. She is the best. An actress who acts with the likes of Desmond Elliot, Emeka Ike, Jim, Nadia, Gene, Omo, etc, etc is not a push-over actress. She will win the award i can assure u. Pls join me in giving her our votes. MY dear Cameroonians, this is the time for our industry to shine and shine and shine. Taka T Oyyeeeeee... we love you.


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