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FINE COUNTRY FILM FESTIVAL 2011 in Dchang - Cameroon
TTS / Sunday, 28 August 2011 18:58

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rLQstMgaKsM/TjcE_SSwUqI/AAAAAAAAADU/OYgixbltPog/s320/etiendem.jpgFilm  Festivals have been the steping stone if not, a leaping one that brings artists and film makers from obscurity to emenence.  One of such festivals to show the vibrant camerounian Talents around the world is the    FINE COUNTRY FILM FESTIVAL  IN DCHANG CAMEROON oraganised  from October 21st - 22nd  2011 at at the  Alliance Franco-Camerounaise of Dschang (Festival's village), Foréké-Dschang Fon's Palace Museum, University of Dschang and  Grand Stand of Dschang

The Fine Country Film Festival (FICOFF) is a 2-day international film festival  whose mission is to show the works of new and emerging filmmakers. FICOFF will showcase creative, edgy, out-of-the-box and maverick filmmakers, non-conformists, original and independent voices from all genres, notably experimental and avant-garde pieces as well as more traditional themes like dramas, thrillers, romantic comedies, daring innovative documentaries and unique wild ride animated works.

The festival’s goal is to create an ideal location for the audience/filmgoers, filmmakers and without omitting the industry professional. FICOFF is geared toward truly independent filmmakers and their works at a grass root level to build community involvement and participation.
As we sing the songs of victory, leadership flows through our blood streams, life becomes exciting and we aim more. We forgot that we’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point. Everyone has a gossip and paparazzi for us. Our names are all over the media and we think we’ve arrived at the climax and same time forgetting to ask our self the most important question of “WHAT NEXT’.
If we have answers for this question after our first or tenth film then the Cameroonian audience will always have some to talk about either for entertainment or educational purpose from our movies. The quality which we promote will help to shape the mind of awful filmmakers to be more concentrated in their future films.
Etiendem R. Etiendem (film director)
Filmmakers will be introduced to films at this first edition followed up by a question and answer period after screening. Some of our filmmakers will be participating in innovative panels/workshops which are open to the public and free of charge. Remember to keep in mind our filmmaker brunches where director and audience alike can benefit not only from great Cameroon food, traditional carnival and culture in one of Cameroon’s most beautiful touristic destinations but also enjoy benefiting from meeting other film-goers, filmmakers and keeping up-to-date on what is going on in today’s independent film circuit.
The Fine Country Film festival also encourages networking between filmmakers for the overall goal of international filmmaking and open eyes to the new possibilities modern-day technology has created for the film industry and the independent filmmaker.
Projections are held either for free or at very reasonable prices in order to permit more people to see the work, from students, to artists, to professionals thus engaging the community and creating a very laid back, creative and open-minded atmosphere.  THe follwoing films  have been Shortlisted for the festival
THE COMPANY                   BY  JUDE EBILE             (English, Feature, Fiction)
THE AVENGER                     BY DERICH LAMYAN (English, Feature, Fiction)
FOOLED BY A KISS            BY NJAMNSI ROLAND (English, Feature, Fiction)
NECESSARY CRIME           BY NJAMNSI ROLAND(English, Feature, Fiction)
THE FORSAKEN                  BY TANUI PAUL(English, Feature, Fiction)
SANJO'S BAPTISM              BY CHIEMAI S. CHOP (English, Feature, Fiction)
WINDOWS AT WAR           BY CHIEMAI S. CHOP (English, Feature, Fiction)
HARD DECISION                BY MOLIMI CLETUS (English, Feature, Fiction)
ITOE                                     BY MOLIMI CLETUS (English, Feature, Fiction)
ANTICLOCKWISE             BY ESUA J. FOSSONG (English, Feature, Fiction)
ROYAL DESTINY               BY NEBA LAWRENC E (English, Feature, Fiction)
VANITY FAIR                     BY NEBA LAWRENCE (English, Feature, Fiction)
GREAT OBLIGATION        BY NEBA  LAWRENCE (English, Feature, Fiction)
STRANGER                         BY ANGAFOR IVO FORBA (English, Feature, Fiction)

WATCH-OUT                       BY JUDE EBILE (English, Short, Fiction)
DESIRE                                 BY DAVID TITANGOH (English, Short, Fiction)
DECEIT                                 BY MOFOR CLEMENTINE (English, Short, Fiction)
IDLE PATCH                        BY ACHEA PRISCOTT (English, Short, Fiction)
TRAPPED                             BY ALFRED AMANDY (French, Short, Fiction)
INTRUSION                         BY YVES DJIME (French, Short, Fiction)
CHERITABLE                      BY YVES DJIME (French, Short, Fiction)
SEDUCTION                       BY JEAN MICHEL KEMDA (French, Short, Fiction)

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