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Cameroon to shine at ZAFAA 2010
Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 07 October 2010 16:11

musingIf at the close of 22 October 2010, Cameroon is brought into focus, it would certainly not be a huge surprise.  This is because the country via its films and some fine actors has been recognized. The recognition, for now has come by way of nominations into some categories of one of the leading film festivals that project African productions in Europe - African Film Festival and Academic Award (ZAFAA). ZAFAA is a Nigerian initiative run from London.

This year, Cameroon has been nominated in the following categories:

Best short film - 30th Day by Musing Derick.

Best up-coming actress - Nzegge Melanie in A Woman's World produced by Itambi Delphine and directed by Kamwa Anthony

Best supporting actor - Kotti Aloysius in Necessary Crime produced and directed by Njamsi Roland.

Best up-coming actor - Nkwah Kingsley in The Porter produced and directed by Musing Derick.

While Cameroon awaits positive results from ZAFAA 2010, congratulatory messages have been flowing in from members of the country's film family. Via a yahoo forum, fellow filmmakers have been wishing their peer success and envisaging celebrations when the time comes.

30th Day, nominated for the best short film category was projected recently at the Yaounde African Film Festival dubbed Ecrans Noirs. Its producer and director Musing Derick whose film The Porter is sending in a candidate in the best up-coming actor category is also the a author of Cluster, a 2008 selling movie  and Nexus, a soon-to-be released 52-episode serial. Meanwhile Itambi Delphine,s A Woman's World was recently screened on Cameroon's national television; CRTV.

Reacting, a happy Musing Derick, now one of Cameroon's highly sought-for directors simply said : "Kindly log on to www.zafaa.com and cast your votes for these nominees so that Cameroon film industry can stand tall and proud."

Below is a full list nomination for the 2010 ZAFAA

Best Lighting A. Private Storm / Nigeria B. Best Honeymoon / Nigeria C. Togetherness Supreme / Kenya

Best Costumier A. Best Honeymoon / Nigeria B. Silent Scandals / Nigeria C. Togetherness Supreme / Kenya

Best Short Film A. 30th Day/Musing Derick T/Cameroon B. Cryptic Lamp/Afolayan Aremu/Nigeria C. Per Second Killer/Nnamdi Patricia Nkem/Nigeria D. Three Zero/Ejim Fortune Kezi/Nigeria

Best Child Actor Male A. Junior Rammal / A Private Storm / Nigeria B. Teddy Onyango / Togetherness Supreme / Cameroon C. Heritage Kehinde / Omo National / Nigeria

Best Child Actor Female A. Treasure Abasi / Champions Of Our Time / Nigeria B. Feyisola Ewulonu / Champions Of Our Time / Nigeria C. Esther Ikenna / A Private Storm / Nigeria D. Imogen Hoggg / The Trinity / Ghana

Best Cinematography A. Togetherness Supreme / Andrew Mungai / Kenya B. Champions Of Our Time / Pindem Lot / Nigeria C. Intimidator / John Osemeka / Nigeria

Best Screenplay A. The Trinity / Pascal Amanfo / Ghana B. Asiri / Daniel Ademinokan / Nigeria C. Emi Mi Emi Re / Ademola Aremu / Nigeria D. Freedom In Chains / Emmanuel Ayalogu / Nigeria

Best Director Indigenious A. Nathan Collett / Togetherness Supreme / Cameroon B. Biodun Olayiwola / Emi Mi Emi Re / Nigeria C. Daniel Ademinokan / Asiri / Nigeria

Best Actor A. Segun Arinze / Champions Of Our Time / Nigeria B. Ekpenyong Bassey Inyang / Freedom In Chains / Nigeria C. Ramsey Nuah Jr. / Private Storm / Nigeria D. Majid Michael / Silent Scandal / Nigeria

Best Supporting Actor A. Majid Michael / The Trinity / Ghana B. Koti Aloysius / Necessary Crime / Ghana C. Charles Inojie / Corporate Maid / Nigeria

Best Film A. Freedom In Chains / Nollywood Concept Promotions Ltd. / Nigeria B. Champions Of Our Time / Macnuel Productions Ltd. / Nigeria C. The Trinity / Gupado Films Ltd/Marhils Production / Ghana D. A Private Storm / Purple Dine Productions / Nigeria

Best Up Coming Actor A. Frankincense Eche-Ben / A Private Storm / Nigeria B. Nkwa Kingsley / The Porter / Ghana C. Paul Frank / Silent Scandal / Nigeria

Best Lead Actress A. Nadia Buari / The Trinity / Ghana B. Ini Edo / Intimidation / Nigeria C. Bimbo Akintola / Freedom In Chains / Nigeria D. Mercy Johnson / Corporate Maid / Nigeria E. Genevieve Nnaji / Silent Scandal/ Nigeria

Best Supporting Actress A. Rekiya Attah / Freedom In Chains / Nigeria B. Ayo Adesanya / Champions Of Our Time / Nigeria C. Tonto Dike /Intimidator / Nigeria D. Kalsoume Sinare / The Trinity / Ghana

Best Film Editing A. Togetherness Supreme / Jesse Elis / Kenya B. The Trinity / Afra Marley / Ghana C. Asiri / Daniel Ademinokan / Nigeria

Best Sound Editing A. Asiri / Shina Onifade / Nigeria B. Togetherness Supreme / Lee Smith / Kenya C. Freedom In Chains / John Adamu / Nigeria D. The Trinity / Akwesi Arhin / Ghana

Best Up Coming Actress A. Chelsea Ezeh / Silent Scandal / Nigeria B. Nzegge Melanie / A Womans World / Cameroon C. Tobi Igbenoba /The Trinity / Ghana

Best Actor Indigenous A. Taiwo Ibikunle / Emi Mi Emi Re / Nigeria B. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma / Asiri / Nigeria C. Wilson Mawa / Togetherness Supreme / Kenya

Best Actres Indigenous A. Martha Kisaka / Togetherness Supreme / Kenya B. Estha Johnson / Emi Me Emi Re / Nigeria C. Doris Simeon Ademinokan / Asiri / Nigeria

Best Film Indigenous A. Asiri / Doris Simeon Ademinokan / Nigeria B. Togetherness Supreme / Mercy Murugi Juria / Kenya C. Emi Me Emi Re / Ademola Aremu / Nigeria D. Omo National / Femi Fadeyi & Daniel Ogunbiyi / Nigeria

Best Comedy Film A. Best Honeymoon / Ikechukwu Onyeka / Nigeria

Best Comedy Actor A. Charles Inojie / Best Honeymoon / Nigeria B. Majid Michael / Best Honeymoon / Nigeria C. Hafiz Oyetore Best Honeymoon / Nigeria

Best Comedy Female A. Ngozi Ezeonu / Best Honeymoon / Nigeria B. Chinyere Nwabueze / Best Honeymoon / Nigeria





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