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Belgium: Evangelist continues mission in new gospel Single
News / Latest / Titus Banyoh
Friday, 09 June 2017 13:08

KA Takang TIPTOPSTARSGod's time is the best. Music might have been the channel through which he is designated to evangelize, but it had to come at God’s appointed time. That time, certainly, is 2017, when Evangelist K. A Takang will emerge with his maiden gospel music album. The said album, Coat of Many Colours, sees the light of day by the end of the year.

However, a foretaste of Coat of Many Colours will be experienced as from Saturday, June 10, 2017, 12 noon, Belgium time, with the release of Eagle Wings, a single that will comprise the maiden album. “Eagle Wings is a prophetic revival praise song with a unique style,” the Cameroonian-born servant of God told TIPTOPSTARS. The beautifully woven soul-searching piece of art is intended to leave an indelible impact on the lives of its consumers, regardless of where they come from and who or what they are. And as they savour the pleasure in Eagle Wings, the artist who doubles as spiritual leader of the Antwerp International Mission for Christ in Belgium continues to teach that His father in heaven controls every circumstances and it is by no chance that He has vested the music ministry in former.

The choice of June 10 to release Eagle Wings is not by chance. It is the birthday of the musician, an indication that God’s time is always neatly and divinely planned.

Updates subsequently!

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Frowning at trophy partnering
News / Latest / Ifaana Qualar
Wednesday, 12 April 2017 14:37

walk with_ifaana_TIPTOPSTARS50
One man came to me and was so head-over-heels about me. He wanted to marry me and he told me how I would make him the happiest man on earth if it happened.

So, I asked him why he would be the happiest man on earth. He responded: "Ifaana, whenever you are on the microphone, I get uncontrollably thrilled.” “Everyone else is,” he added. He went 

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“My action acting and stunts dreams came true” - Merlisa Determined, international actress
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo
Wednesday, 18 January 2017 22:50

Merl D_poster_tiptopstarsAway from making a livelihood from her art, acting had since become Merlisa Determined’s close-to-heart thing. If she is not acting, she is getting set to go an act. And, when she is acting, the USA-based award-winning international is in the true sense of the word. She is just meant for this art. This would now explain why Merlisa, in manifesting her unquenc

hable knack for acting, has embarked on exploring all the facets, call it sub domains of the art. Her next big thing here has been action acting. “I like it, I yearn to do it and do it so well,” she had told us some time ago, craving for the opportunity to come. Such an opportunity showed up in Bedfellas, an upcoming Don Okolo film, produced by prolific Nkem DenChukwu. After filming the movie in a lead character role, the determined actress has settled to a job-well-done satisfactory mood and won’t hesitate to share that memorable experience. TIPTOPSTARS 

Editor caught with her ahead of the official release of Bedfellas. Merlisa, as usual, was very determined to pursue her action movie acting dreams. Excerpts!


tiptopstars merlErnest Kanjo (EK): How did you get on the project?
Merlisa Determined (MD):
As always, Ernest, every film project for an actor begins with an audition process. I went through this and was selected.

EK: Why did you accept the script?

MD:  I accepted  to play the role of Lieutenant Sophia Black because this is  a character I haven't played before. I love challenges and always want to explore new grounds. Once I read the script, I got excited about this role.

EK: What is the significance of the character in the story?

MD: Sophia Black is a Drug Enforcement Agent, call it DEA who has a romantic connection with her male friend, a drug dealer. So she goes undercover to solve a crime.   Good cop turned bad cop, so to speak!

EK: Could you recall your filming experience with the Bedfellas team – cast and crew?

MD: I had so much fun working on the Bedfellas set. I interacted positively with new actors and the ones I have previously worked with. I would vividly recall my favorite moment which was the filming of the action fight scenes. You needed to have been there to experience this amazing stunts – hahaha!

EK: How would you rate your performance in this production as compared to the others? 

MD: Ernest, it’s not for me to rate my performance, let the viewing audience decide. As an actor I’m never really satisfied with my performance because I always believe that I could have done something more or better with a scene or the delivery of a line. It’s always something  I would want to improve on or fix. However, all I can do is stay true to the script and bring the character to life, making it as real as possible. Art imitates life, you know.

EK: What remarks did your producer and director make?

MD: My Producer Nkem and Director Don Okolo always push to get the best from their actors. They did same in Bedfellas.

EK: Tell us why you think Bedfellas would be a film to watch?

MD: It has a cream of talented actors, the ones whose works would keep you glued to your screen. Bedfellas is full of stunts, action, twist and turns. I can press my fingers on the table for this movie.

EK: What are some of the challenges you faced during the filming of the movie?

MD: The stunts and fight scenes were a little challenging but I was excited.  I've always loved action movies and wanted to do stunts. The opportunity came knocking and I didn’t waste time to grab it.

EK: Its official outing is coming up, when precisely is that?

MD: At the moment, I don't have the official release date, but it will be premiering in 2017.

EK: Are you anxious, excited?

MD: Super anxious and excited for the screening, but until then, I still have some more work to do on other projects coming up.

EK: What do you expect to achieve from this movie as its lead character?

MD: I expect everyone to go out to the theatres,  watch  and support Bedfellas,  once its released.

EK: Last word to potential viewers of the movie and your fans..
MD: I would love to thank everyone for their love and support. It means so much to me.  Also, I,d love everyone to follow me on all my social media sites in a bid to be updated with the projects in which I’m working. I’m currently on set, filming The Candidate, starring alongside Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, Anthony Ray Parker and a host of other talented actors. Stay tuned!

EK: Thanks for your time Merlisa!

MD: Thanks you Ernest and TIPTOPSTARS. It’s always my pleasure to talk to you.


NB: Merlisa can be followed on Twitter @MerlisaDworld Instagram and Facebook at Merlisa Determined

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Cuisine: Anita Etta diversifies art menu
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 19:27

You might have been visiting Colleyville, Texas, for work or vacation and have never really experienced healthy cuisine. Yet, you are a non-negotiable healthy eater. Or, you may be a resident of this affluent city, situated about 3.5miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and have never really considered healthy eating. This is the time and the answer. Vitality Bowls has come to fill these gaps.

Vitality Bowls is a new restaurant in town, about to open its doors, so that healthy eating can commence. The community hub for healthy eating will officially see the light of day on Thursday, February 2, 2017. Run by Anita Etta,   a seasoned entrepreneur, Vitality Bowls is specialized in açaí bowls, a thick blend of Amazon’s antioxidant-rich açaí berry, topped with a variety of superfoods.

According to a release, sent to our newsroom, the restaurant’s menu which cuts across breakfast, lunch and dinner, will feature a variety of options, including  Energy Bowl (organic açaí, goji berries and bee pollen), Dragon Bowl (organic pitaya, coconut milk and bananas) and signature Vitality Bowl (organic açaí, strawberries and honey).

With its child-friendly menus, Vitality Bowls restaurant offers fresh juices, organic soups, panini and salads.

Worthy of note is that all açaí bowls and smoothies do not contain ingredient fillers such as ice, frozen yogurt, added sugar or artificial preservatives, giving the purest taste possible, says the management.

Vitality Bowls, also categorized as a café, is a restaurant that is affiliated to America’s Superfood. Originating from Northern California, restaurants under this banner are unique in a collection of menu items with high nutritional values and extraordinary taste. It was founded in 2011 in San Ramon, California by Roy and Tara Gilad who started the superfood café concept as a result of discovering their daughter’s severe food allergies and wanting to find safe, healthy food alternatives. Since franchising began in 2014, the brand has seen significant growth with nearly 70 cafés open and more in perspective.

Simply put, we created Vitality Bowls to be a place where health-conscious individuals can go for a nutritional meal,” said Tara Gilad, founder and owner of Vitality Bowls. Tara said further: “We believe that healthy food can be an option for fast casual food and we are excited to have Anita on board with this. We look forward to seeing her grow her business in Colleyville and sharing the Vitality Bowls message with the community.”

Meantime, Etta’s Vitality Bowls restaurant venture presents the other artistic side of the renowned gospel musician which fewer people know about. “I grew up helping my mother in our family-run health food business,” said Etta. “Vitality Bowls was a natural next step for my career and part of my lifestyle, so I’m excited to bring these healthy choices to the public.”

The executive with extensive experience in business and human resources management relations will be    on Apex 1 Radio (www.apex1radio.com)prior  to the February 2 launch of Vitality Bowls. The restaurant will be located at 5615 Colleyville Blvd, Unit 420.

For more Vitality Bowls franchise opportunities and the brand, visit http://franchise.vitalitybowls.com/ and the company website at http://vitalitybowls.com.

Shalom wins in I Don Win video
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo
Tuesday, 03 January 2017 23:03


i don_win_shalomArguably, I Don Win, the gospel hit track authored by Shalom wins in I Don Win video, is one of the best things that happened to the genre in 2016. A gospel music admirer described the single as heart-warming piece of artistic job. “It takes an overflowing inspiration to put such a masterpiece together,” Frilyne, the said fan of Shalom’s current single had told TIPTOPSTARS. The artist had told Apex 1 Radio that such inspiration comes from the giver of life – God.

Its video, awaited with an unending appetite finally left the editing suite and is now in circulation so energetically. “That’s why we decided to describe the day the video was released as energy day,” Tarh Patrick, Shalom’s manager told us at press time. According to the music manager, the energy with which the audio version of I Don Win has ridden is the simple reason for the one that is accompanying the track’s video.

Shot in Yaounde, the headquarters of the North West region in Cameroon, the video is directed by Tabi Zama. “It took us three weeks to complete the job,” Tarh revealed. He added: “I’m totally satisfied with the quality of the video, most especially the impeccable images, I must commend the director for the great inspiration.”

I Don Win and its video come at a time gospel music has transcended into a very appealing phase, winning more and more talented young people who would rather use their giftedness in gratifying the Lord. The author of the single, known for stunning vocals and resilient passion for the art, is more than half a decade old in professional singing.

The multitalented artist rose to the limelight in 2010 when she and a dozen other singers held the jury of the Drimp Foundation 2010 Gospel Musical song competition spellbound with their voices and singing prowess. That was the door opener for Shalom who since then, has enjoyed an upward trend in her spread-the-gospel-by-singing career. Along her path, the award-winning author of I Don Win has met with golden experiences such as performing with world class colleagues in other countries on the continent including Morocco (where she spent some time) and Nigeria.

shalom i_don_win

The now seasoned minister hopes to evangelically spread the tentacles of her voice in a bid to transport the Word across the globe. Shalom and her team will be guests on ZOOM on Apex 1 Radio (www.apex1radio.com) on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 6am (Eastern Standard Time/12noon in Cameroon).


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