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Sunday, 11 June 2023 23:11
tiptopstars com_KoC
Columbus is bracing to play host to one of Cameroon’s most celebrated urban artists in the history of the country’s music industry. Ko-C arrives in Ohio’s chief city on June 17, 2023, for what has been described as the most anticipated music concert in the African community. This is the first time the highly talented and admired rapper will be performing in Ohio, and this comes against the backdrop of his current summer music tour of the United States.

Ko-C will be served to the Columbus public thanks to 614 Kings, an Ohio-based entertainment promotion outfit run by Rex Mbouge, himself an ace promoter of arts and culture and a longtime renowned leader within the African community. “I cannot wait to have this great experience with my favorite artist – that Ko-C will be in Columbus, is one of the biggest things happening to me this year,” Marthe, a Columbus fan of the rapper said.

“I’m super excited and cannot hold my anxiety – Ko-C is King and I just can’t wait to watch him perform live on the night of June the seventeenth,” Prina, another fan said.

Organizers of the concert including Papa Zaraa, Kenzo Dollar and Loyalty Market, have stated that the topnotch event will kick off at 7:59pm and have insisted that music lovers attending should dress to impress.

Since coming to the limelight in 2017, the rapper who doubles as songwriter and singer has been relevant not only in the Cameroonian music industry, but across Africa. He is currently trending, thanks to DUEX OEUFS SPAGHETTI, released in February 2023 with 6.6 million views (and counting) on YouTube. The track has been source of Tiktok content across different African online communities. Ko-C has won eight awards, including a Best Male Artist in 2019, Artist of The Year in 2021 and Best Urban Artist recognition the same year.

Ko-C comes to Columbus less than a year after Tzy Panchak, another trending urban artist in Cameroon. Other musicians such as Magasco, Mr Leo, Minks, etc, have previously thrilled the Cameroonian community in the city.

For more information, read the official poster for the event.
News / Latest / Blessing Ekiko
Saturday, 11 February 2023 04:39

Upon return from Beijing in 1996, women took a wow never to live their lives the way they were again. By that, we mean, women decided to change the narrative, assert themselves to positions that would make them shine their light on the world. The Beijing International Conference on Women had to happen to build up this awareness we now experience.

To say women have been more enlightened as to their needs and aspirations, is not any exaggeration. In fact, there is more consciousness, even if they still have scores of issues to deal with.

And talking about challenges that continues to hover around women, it is being said they are still not making use of their potentials. Women are intelligent – they are resourceful – they are empathetic – they are good domestic managers – they are subtle in their approach of things – they are talented – they are willing to keep the environment around them peaceful.

However, women are still taking the back seat in many aspects and a whole lot of them continue to think the men folk should run the show. In the African diaspora, women with great talent have yielded in the name of making ends meet.

So, if they were talented singers, dancers, writers, designers, instrumentalists, you name it, they have decided to let go of these skills because as they put it, they do not bring food on the table. Wrong way of thinking

Well, some African women in Europe think women are bigger than this. It is high time they got out of the box and explored their passion, if not for money, at least for psychological balance. They are planning an upcoming conference to that effect.

Dubbed the Assiduous Women International Conference, this come together takes place on February the 17th to the 18th. Ahead of that conference, the organizers are joining us on radio to talk about it. They will be yours in a moment.

Meantime, good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you find yourself – welcome to Apex Snapshot, women empowerment version.

Intro by Blessing Ekiko, Apex Snapshot

Radio broadcast, February 3, 2023

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 February 2023 04:58
News / Latest / TTS
Friday, 10 February 2023 12:10
Purple Edgy_Urban_Beat_Music_Playlist_Cover
Urban music in Cameroon has come to stay, there is every indication about that. Its evolution has been a diverse and dynamic journey, shaped by the Cameroon's cultural influences and historical events. The country’s music has evolved over the years to incorporate a wide range of styles and sounds.

One of the earliest forms of urban music in Cameroon was makossa, a popular dance style that emerged in the 1970s and was heavily influenced by Afrobeat and funk. Makossa was popularized by artists such as Manu Dibango and Ebanda Manfred. They blended traditional African rhythms with Western instrumentation and songwriting techniques.

As Cameroon's urban centers continued to grow and modernize in the 1980s and 1990s, new music styles began to emerge. One of the most popular was bikutsi, a high-energy dance style characterized by fast tempos and percussive rhythms. Bikutsi was popularized by artists such as Nkodo Sitony, Govinal Ndinga Essomba, Gilbrater Drakus, Roger Bekono, Sala Bekono and later K-Tino, Lady Ponce, Mani Bella, etc. Some artists such as Charlotte Dipanda and Lady Ponce have infused traditional bikutsi with elements of pop, R&B, and reggae.

In the 21st century, Cameroon's urban music scene has continued to evolve and diversify. Hip hop and rap have become increasingly popular, with artists like Jovi, Stanley Enow, Magasco, Tzy Panchak, Daphne, Mr. Leo, blending traditional African rhythms with modern beats and lyrics. Electronic dance music (EDM) has also gained a foothold, with artists like Numerica and Salatiel incorporating electronic elements into their music.

Just a few weeks ago, LiBianca (USA-based Cameroonian urban artist) shot to fame when her PEOPLE swept across the global music loving family like wildfire. The track which is currently on second spot on the second spot of the Billboard US Afrobeats Songs is being consumed with endless appetite and is still trending on TikTok. The Afro beat track and LiBianca’s rise has sparked a new conversation within the Cameroonian social media community whether artists in the country should turn the wheels towards original genres such as makossa, bikutsi, bikossa, asiko, etc, or continue to delve more into Afrobeats, believed (either erroneously or not) to be an exclusively Nigeria creation and thing.

Overall, the evolution of urban music in Cameroon has been a rich and varied journey, with each new generation of artists building upon the traditions of the past while incorporating new influences and sounds. As the country continues to grow and change, it is likely that Cameroon's urban music scene will continue to evolve and thrive.
Last Updated on Friday, 10 February 2023 12:58
News / Latest / TTS
Friday, 18 November 2022 01:31

Effortlessly, Blessing Ekiko flexes her skills and talent in domains across the board. The brilliant communicator who also hails from a civil society background (founder of Blessing Ekiko Global Impact, BEGi) weighs in enormous impact when she speaks publicly or educates by way of inspirational jottings. She has authored works, trained, hosted TV shows, emceed high profile events, yet, Blessing believes she is still on a steady journey towards the apex. She comes on Apex 1 Radio this Friday, November 18, 2022 with a story capable of turning things around for aspiring young people, especially the ones who are set on a mission to harvest the fruits of hard work and dedication. The multidisciplinary professional will be guest on ON BOARD WITH ERNEST KANJO (OBWEK). Let’s hear her! The show starts at 10am EST.

Web : www.apex1radio.com

Mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fb: https://m.facebook.com/Apex-1-Radio-wwwapex1radiocom-1594720084183001/

Tunein App: http://tun.in/sfljl

Radio Garden: http://radio.garden/listen/apex-1-radio/ZPGiJ9KM

Last Updated on Friday, 18 November 2022 02:35
Anita Etta Ministries announces music video release
News / Latest / TTS
Thursday, 21 July 2022 00:26

AnittaEtta TTS
PRESS RELEASE Dallas, TX July 15, 2022 Anita Etta Ministries (Atina Music Foundation) announces the release of the music video of "Alive" by Cameroonian American pioneer gospel artist Anita Etta. After a hiatus of 7 years away from the recording studio and 3 years from her last music video, Anita comes back with a powerful worship single wrapped in a colorful and thrilling video. The video is set to drop on July 24th 2022 during a virtual video release party bringing together fans, supporters, the media and the community at large. The single is produced by Dr Walta Blackson of Dream Recording Studios, Maryland USA and the video is directed by Olayinka Davids of IFocus Pictures, Dallas Texas. “Alive" is a worship song that draws you into the presence of God in recognition of the power of His redemptive grace in finding lost souls and bringing them back home. The song concludes with a powerful refrain that honors and celebrates God through his many names. The song is available on all digital platforms worldwide for downloading. For direct purchase or project sponsorship: CashApp: $Anitaetta Zelle: 9514032550 PayPal: 9514032550 Anita Elta Mustnes

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 July 2022 00:31
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