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TTS / Saturday, 05 February 2011 01:00

Yearning  for a place which mirrors Cameroonians who strive for excellence through  creativity and innovation or ever wanted to have honoured your Role Model, then  Dulce Camers' Popular list of  top 50 Cameroonians is a Place to go by. Tiptopstars has been talking to the amazing Ladies behind the scenes of  the web log . This week in a second part of the Interview  TIP TOP STARS gets to know more from Ngum Ngafor whose inspiration  and challenges  keeps her Going when genuinely doing something Original.

I’ve always had a broad range of interests including music, politics, fashion, history. Writing - a major love of mine - seemed the best way to express all these things so I pursued a degree in Journalism & Politics at Salford University, Manchester (UK). Shortly after graduating, I stumbled upon Cynthia Anduhtabe via face book and learnt she was launching this really fresh blog with an entertainment twist. Naturally, I wanted to be a part of it. Two years on, we’re still here and growing stronger!

[TTS] You are doing awesome work- what is Dulce Camer? Why the name Dulce Camer?

[NN] Dulce Camer (DC) is a place where all things fantastically Cameroonian come alive. But we don’t hesitate to tell people when things aren’t quite right too. The name was Cynthia’s idea. She’s the linguist, you see. So she comes up with these fancy words in other languages just to show us up (ha ha). ?

[TTS] As a blogger and executive officer of a PR & Marketing company etc how do you find time to do all that? What is your typical daily routine?

[NN] I’d say we make the time. My typical routine involves my day job which is meant to be 9-5 but usually runs over [laughs]. After that it’s time for my passions. Our work also consumes my weekends.

[TTS] What sparked your interest into profiling Cameroon’s talents and the entertainment Industry?

[NN] For me, the light bulb moment came in a Tapas restaurant (of all places!) in Manchester. My sister, Anrette and I were frustrated that Cameroonian creatives seemed to be doing so well individually but struggled to pool their talents. Then we realised we could make things happen by creating a forum for all of them to meet. That’s how the face book group, Creative Cameroonians, came to be. It’s via this platform that Cynthia and I hooked up. Her idea about spotlighting Cameroonian talent resonated with me so I approached her about a partnership.

[TTS] What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?

[NN] Doing something original, inspiring and genuinely exciting keeps me going. Dulce Camer has drawn praise and criticism from readers. It’s good to be challenged. That really motivates us.

[TTS] To what do you attribute your success and how did you get where you are now with Dulce Camer?

[NN] Our success is driven by our content and readership. If they didn’t like the things we wrote about, there’d be no DC.

[TTS] How do you access your readers and how have they contributed to the success of Dulce Camer?

[NN] Face book has been excellent for promoting our work. We also connect with people through e-groups and good old fashioned word-of-mouth.  Our readers have really helped make things happen for us. They give us lots of good tips about interesting people and events. Their contribution to our “Top 50” list of inspirational Cameroonians was tremendous!

[TTS] What is that special that thing you want to accomplish with Dulce Camer? Where do you see Dulce Camer and yourself in the next couple of years?

[NN] Eventually, we would like to become magazine. Dulce Camer seeks to refine the Cameroonian showbiz culture and take it to new heights. We also want to spotlight people from all walks of life who do inspirational things. It’s got to be about a lot more than glitz and glamour.

[TTS] Tell us about Top 50 - selection  criteria  - Goals - Readers’ Response - What impact do you think it’s got on Cameroon and Cameroonians who are featured on this list?

[NN] Our goal is simple: to inspire! Candidates for our Top 50 list are people who have done things to distinguish themselves in their various fields. They may have won awards, published papers or are doing things that positively impact their local communities.  We also look at people whose actions and achievements indicate great promise. DC focuses on under 50s because we want to stress the leadership potential of the younger generation. As usual, you cannot please everyone with these things so some people have been impressed while others have criticised the lists. We’re always happy to receive constructive feedback. I have to note, though, my deep disappointment at a complaint that a significant number of Bamileke people featured on the list. We were not even thinking in tribal terms! An inspiring Cameroonian is just that, regardless of where they are from. We really need to get away from this tribal mentality which holds us back!

[TTS] What are some of your favorite news story/article/ Profile/ Talent discovery last year 2010 and  so far?

[NN] Oh! There were so many. Fotemah Mba, the A & R officer for Konvict/Bu Vision Records was a great find. It felt good to see a Cameroonian dreaming big and achieving it. Tia MacRen are also hot newcomers in the world of Cameroonian fashion. I have met them and can tell you, these young ladies carry passion and energy that will see them through a lot of challenges. Peter Njodzeka of Penjo Entertainment is another brother who has very bright ideas when it comes to film and photography. All of othem made our Top 50 list. The Bamenda Rocks 2! fashion show by KiRette Couture was also a good news story. It was nice to capture the buzz of Cameroon’s much-talked about December festivities.

[TTS] What has been the Craziest, Sexiest, Coolest, Trendiest, Fabulous Thing you have found Cameroonians doing out there ?

[NN] I’ve always had a thing for science so it was nice to see our men and women making a stereotypically arcane world look sexy by coming up with impressive work (think lasers and Maths to research malaria transmission) and inventions.

[TTS] What inspires you about his/her/ thier  talents?

[NN] Their confidence, hard work and clear vision. I love how these people are so not nerdy!

[TTS] What does it take to sustain Dulce Camer with such rich and quality content?

[NN] Ideas! They’re always racing through our heads. The more we swap them, the richer they become. Our readers also give us great information.

[TTS] Which blogs/sites/portals do YOU read?  Do you have any close friends in the blogosphere? Which are your favourite sites?

[NN] Bella Naija is a Nigeria-focused entertainment blog-turned- major online magazine which has really inspired us. I also go to Dibussi Tande’s   Scribbles from the Den for my politics and current affairs fixes. Yenih’s World Yenih’s Bliss by Yenih Ngwabo is an ecclectic new blog that makes me tick. And for the intellectual/sports freak in me, there’s always George Fominyen’s GEF’s Viewpoint.

[TTS] What have you done so far to define yourself amongst the other sprouting talent scouting and celebrity profiling platforms?

[NN] Firstly, we’re Cameroon-focused. Many other African celebrity profiling blogs focus on Nigeria or Ghana or just put together a mish-mash of talent from everywhere. Also, most Cameroonian blogs either do politics, economics, the arts or a bit of everything named above. At Dulce Camer, our (main) thing is showbiz Camer style, delivered gift wrapped in sharp, entertaining and informative content. Our Top 50 list is also something which sets us apart.

[TTS] As a talent profiling site, If you had to think of a slogan that could leave a positive impact for everyone what would your slogan be?

[NN] “Mediocre? What’s that?!”

[TTS] We see a lot of fashion on your site; you seem to be a fashion freak!  What's your personal style and what /who are some of your favorite  Cameroon brands/ designers?

[NN] Ha ha! I’d say fashion is in my blood. I’m a bit of a style chameleon but my golden rule is to be free. If it’s not comfortable, I’m not having it!  My favourite Cameroonian brands include: KiRette Couture, Kreyann, Martial Tapolo and John. I also love Syl Anim’s new footwear range. A recent discovery is US-based Bengjof Couture. Brothas, they’re the definitive suit makers!

[TTS] What do you think about the Cameroonian talents you have profiled on Dulce Camer and as well as the fashion, art, culture and the entertainment Industry in general?

[NN] Our talents are at various points in their careers. The up-and-coming ones have tremendous potential and great vision. With a lot of hard work and smart business sense, they will get to where they want to be. The Cameroonian entertainment industry is pretty much in its infancy. It will take a lot of collaborative effort – especially between business people and creatives – to get it to international standards. We should be aiming for nothing less.

[TTS] Any influence or anyone you look up to when it comes celebrities or talents [Role model]

[NN] Manu Dibango. His incredible generosity with his talent and ability to see other people’s capabilities, is, I believe, what has kept him going all these years. Manu doesn’t do mediocrity. It’s world class with him. The same applies to Richard Bona and Blick Bassy who are among our hardest working artists. It’s no coincidence that they’re making it on the world stage. You’ve also got to hand it to Petit Pays. I admire the way he’s managed to reinvent himself time and again; there’s definitely method to his madness. He’s one of the few Cameroonian artists who understand the power of branding.

[TTS] Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us? How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from Dulce Camer?

[NN] I unwind with music. My taste is pretty eclectic but I seem hooked on Malavoi and Etienne Mbappe these days. I also love to read. I just finished, Q, - Quincy Jones’ biography. It’s incredibly inspiring and entertaining. I would recommend it to everyone. Whether you work in entertainment or not, Quincy Jones can be the epitome of excellence and finesse for you. And what do you know! His roots lie in Camer.

[TTS] You are active on social networks like facebook, twitter, hi5 and co. how do you think they have contributed in exposing Cameroon talents . Do you have any tips, tricks on social media to share with our readers?

[NN] They’ve played a significant role in spotlighting talent. For once, there are platforms which Cameroonians from anywhere in the world can access and talk freely about the things that interest them. The viral effect of face book and youtube are brilliant for publicising information. In terms of tips or tricks, I’d say be consistent and give people exciting information. It’s always worth talking about.


greatest fears /weaknesses? - Looking back at my time on this planet with regret as life drains out of me.

My life is – interesting

My talents make me – unique and special

My favourite Music - makossa

My favourite Band - Kassav


My favourite meal – koki corn

My favourite TV show – None in particular.

Support The Entertainment Industry because – It’s fun and creates jobs.

My friends call me -- Ngummie, Ngumistics, SOA, Hesh, oh gosh! the nicknames are too many!

My favourite holiday is – Padova/Venice, Italy.

[TTS]Okay, brag a little bit and make us jealous.  What kind of perks do you get from the success of your blog?

Celebrity treatment (I wish !). It’s enough that people respect and appreciate what we do. Dulce Camer also affords me access to amazing people from all walks of life.

Our PR & Marketing company VAG is THE place to come to for innovative solutions for your business. We also produce dream events. Check our work with CamerCouture on www.camercouture.com and face book for ideas on what we can do for you in the UK or Cameroon and call us NOW.

Submissions for Dulce Camer Top 50 List for 2011 is Ongoing at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Top 50 List for 2010 is available here 


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+1 #2 ngum 2011-02-07 20:24
Amazing! Thank you. I had a lot of fun doing this interview. Keep doing what you do.
+1 #1 cynthia 2011-02-07 10:58
Thanks again TTS!!


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