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Poetry: Pray for me
Sharon Dione / Tuesday, 30 March 2021 00:00
Pray for_me

Pray for me
Drawn to evil
I feel my shield going down
My days have become dark and evil
Not that I'm prone
But I'll need more than my innocence to
save me
I'll need your prayer
Pray for me not to fall, but if I do
Let me rise again
Pray for me, not to forget, who I am
So, when I get lost, I'll find my way
Drawn to evil
I no longer have my shield on
Neither do I've my innocence
All I've got is your prayer
The only armor keeping me from being
So, pray for me
Pray for me, to believe I can be saved
That there's still hope
Pray for me, to search the good in me and
dwell on it
Pray for me to overcome my fear
For evil lives off my fear
Pray for me
To conquer myself
I win
(C) Sharon Dione
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