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World Cup song: Ndolo Dance hero, childhood peer bet for Lions
Ernest Kanjo / Sunday, 18 May 2014 16:43

Les Lions Sont Forts by B-1  Alexis2 copy

If the entire country got drowned in the stupor of their qualification for the 2014 World Cup, two young Cameroonians displayed the excitement more. B1 and Alexis E., hope-rising singers did not shield this excitement. They immediately settled on how best they were going to be part of the Brazil 2014 adventure – music!

A couple of months back, both USA-based artists set to work with the herculean task of crafting an Indomitable Lion song which would meet the aspirations of the entire country on this great football adventure. “Soon after I launched Ndolo Dance, we started molding Les Lions Sont Forts and it has taken us three months to complete the job,” Ntube McBright otherwise known by his artist name as B1 told TIPTOPSTARS at press time.

B1 also explained that Les Lions Sont Fort (The Lions Are Powerful, in French) is a carefully knitted piece because it has to do with galvanizing the entire country for a national course which happens to be football, a game often and rightly described as Cameroon’s opium. In the slight over five-minute-long World Cup track, the authors have not only paid tribute to the players who make up the renowned football squad, but have equally encouraged Eto’o and co. to rely on the well-known Cameroonian football spirit to do their country proud at the Brazil 2014 expedition. “If they perform well which will undoubtedly be the case, it is the entire African continent that will be elevated,” B1 held.

Filmed on locations in Maryland, USA by Okundi, Les Lions Sont Fort is produced and directed by the B1 and Alexis B. both of whom grew up in Tombel in the South West region of Cameroon, admiring the game of football and their beloved national team, the Indomitable Lions. “Were it not for other exigencies and the usual tight schedules, I would have been kicking the ball everyday..hahahaha…I’m a good player,” the singer told us.

According to the song’s producer, Les Lions Sont Forts will be screened on Cameroonian TV channels including the State-run CRTV, Canal 2 international, HiTV and Boom TV before, during and after the World Cup.

logoVIDEO RELEASE 18-05-2014

 lions2Bespontube-1(B-1) and Alexis.E
Les Lions Sont Forts by B-1  Alexis2
Artists:  Bespontube-1(B-1) and Alexis.E ( all reside in Maryland USA)
Song Title: Les Lions Sont Forts.
Release date: Sunday May 18,2014.
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