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Today: Sam-E emerges heads high with befitting single
Ernest Kanjo / Tuesday, 07 January 2014 02:50


Nothing would have stuck on his mind like Stuck In My Head since Sam Ebako, simply known as Sam-E got into a California studio to start recording the single he has this Tuesday, January 7, 2013 made public. That was way back in February of last year. We were poised to make Stuck In My Head a beautifully-crafted and well refined piece, reason why we were eyes-open on it, his manager told us. According to Tamufor St Michael, the single which comes as a foretaste of an up-coming album is package to suit a world audience.

It is this 3.38-minute long track recorded in the Noho Studios in California that the world in general and Sam-Es fans will have the single pleasure of start savouring from today. Im excited with this latest step and hope consumers will like Stuck In My Head, the young and talented Cameroonian singer told TIPTOPSTARS Editor on the line to Los Angeles Monday evening.

Stuck In My Head is fashioned to cut across every race and gender and there is no doubt that it will head for the apex in no distant future, said Sam-Es manager.

The song whose video is said to be the handiwork of award-winning technicians (including Giovanni Puerto Rican American Hollwood producer who has worked with the likes of Kanye and Taio Cruz) condemns lust which is most often than not mistaken for love. The author of the Stuck In My Head is very clear on this love is virtue, lust is vice! So shun the latter. A full album, the artist told us, comes up in September.

Meanwhile, Sam-E is one of the frontline new generation artists who hail from Kumba, a town in the South West region of Cameroon, propelling the pop culture. He was born on July 4, Americas Independence Day to the Rev. Emmanuel Ebako (of blessed memory) and Dorothy Ebako. Inspired by his lead praise-singing mother, Sam E whisked off into music at a tender age via his churchs Sunday School. From a timid debut, the born singer rapidly transformed into a proactive song leader and headed his school choir.

His Christian up-bringing obliges the author of Changed Man (one of Sam-Es captivating tracks) to believe in the love of God and His mighty hand in every success story. Such landmark achievements include the singers triumphant movement from grass (humble background) to grace (full-fledged musician) and the A student Sam-E has been all along.

Meantime, Sam-E is signed up as main guest on African Cocktail (www.afrikkaradio.com) with Ernest Kanjo tomorrow, Wednesday, January 8, 2014 from 10:30am to 1pm EST.



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