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Cameroon Entertainment Awards: Nomination criteria unveiled
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Friday, 16 March 2012 06:57

Cameroon enteratinment awardsThe Cameroon Entertainment Awards CEA team has made public the criteria used in the selecting nominees for the first edition of the event. This is contained in a press released issued in New York. According to the release, the selection of nominees was done on the basis of a three-point criteria – public interaction (email, facebook, general feedback nominations), handpicking of prominent faces and skills judgment.

The release further explains how these points were considered and what exactly went on during the nominations.

In the release that re-iterates the date, venue and time of the event, the organizers also announce that winners will be drawn from 54 categories from three main sections – film, music, and other forms of entertainment.

Perhaps, most important is the voting device. Hear the release: “To vote, simply click VOTE underneath the image of your favourite candidate.” The nominations can be found on the CEA website – www.cameroonentertainmentawards.org Nominations already closed, voting is supposed to have kicked off. It will round off on July 7, 2012 according to the release. Thereafter, the CEA panel and board of directors will get into work for the next phase.

Now known to be one of the biggest events ever to celebrate Cameroon’s entertainment industry, the CEA will take place at the Cramtom Auditorium on the Washington DC campus of the Howard University. It will be hosted by Yves Tchouta and Sophy Aiida, the two who will be on their way to Cameroon soon to present the much-awaited Akon concert in Douala on March 24. They will equally be interviewing Cameroon-based nominees of the CEA during their stay there.

See full CEA press release on www.tiptopstars.com !   DOWNLAOD PDF BELOW


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0 #7 ngale palmers 2012-03-30 15:29
wow.wonderful idea.glad to hear and know about this.i think it would be more wonderful if such an award ceremony could be organized back home.average cameroonians don't know our own movie stars.how are we going to vote?
0 #6 brunhilda nge 2012-03-22 11:26
[quote name="brunhilda nge"]many cameroonians have the wish to become actors and actresses but they are not fit for it.I THANK GOD FOR GIVING Roy such a wonderful spirit of acting
0 #5 brunhilda nge 2012-03-22 11:24
many cameroonians have the wish to become actors and actresses but they are not fit for it.I THANK gOD FOR GIVING Roy such a wonderful spirit of acting
0 #4 brunhilda nge 2012-03-22 11:20
am so happy to see such a great progress in my nation! its not easy please keep it up! am also happy for all the encouragements given to klay Roy he is truely a talented person in all aspects of life he only needs to put in effort
0 #3 Kini Wolfgang 2012-03-19 10:32
see eh! i no go stop for di tell people about this pleasant site . please the tiptopstar and it board of directors have done their part in fact their best but i think that is not all, there is something lacking and they have to do it . what i am thinking as a student as lover of television is that they should now come up with their own television on this ideas. these are one of the reasons why we see Nigeria with media houses like rice in bags. please they should think about this idea because we have only one present (STV) and they are doing their best for the youth and talents in general.
0 #2 samson tah 2012-03-17 14:45
wow, kudos guy.its nice doing it there though, but i think it would have been better here in cameroon
0 #1 Princess MILE 20 2012-03-16 14:44
Awesome!!!!! Proud of you guys! aaaat last Cameroon has something positive to show the world!


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