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Breaking News: Jeff Epule, Nsang Dilong hired for FOX 28 TV show
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Wednesday, 01 April 2015 05:57

jeff tiptopstarsJeffery Epule and Nsang Dilong, two of Cameroon’s finest actors, have been selected and hired to run an African-focus show meant for Fox 28 Columbus, Ohio and Fox 28 Indiana. The TV outfits are affiliates of the renowned Fox Broadcasting Company in the United States of America. The said reality show, Africa’s Window on the World will be a platform to showcase identified young and talented Africans living in the diaspora, in various domains.

According to the producer of the show, Otieno Ngugi Humphrey, the first episode of Africa’s Window on The World is expected to hit the Fox 28 TV airwaves by September this year. “That’s why we’re spending sleepless nights trying to put paper work together and looking into other logistics issues,” Otieno who hails from Kenya in East Africa told TIPTOPSTARS.

According to the producer, he was given the task to provide the content by Phil’s Mega Pictures, the Cleveland, Ohio audio-visual production company he works for, based on his long years of experience in the sector. The Kenyan-born TV producer and director was given the free hand to select his hosts from either the African community in the diaspora or get them directly from home. “All we needed was presenters with charm, whose charisma could fetch the show a wide audience,” Otieno explained. Such qualities, the TV reality show expert told us included amongst other things versatility, refined speech, good looks, a sense of humour and to an extent broad fan base.

And we saw these qualities in Mr Epule and Miss Dilong, after paying keen attention on their works for the past couple of months,” Otieno told TIPTOPSTARS. The TV specialist explained that he prefers to work with actors than even journalists on such a show because it requires a lot of creativity and flexibility. He has monitored several other young African actors across the continent, but was captured by the flare of the two Cameroonians whom he presented to his company for approval.

When TIPTOPSTARS contacted Phil’s Mega Pictures, the company’s Department of African Content confirmed that Jeff (as the frontline Cameroonian actor is fondly called) and Dilong will be flown to the United States in the next couple of weeks to start training. Their first filming session will be in Los Angeles, California with African youths endowed with great skills, we were told. The show will be shot in other countries as well. “This entails a lot of travelling which our two hosts should be ready to do,” said Otieno.

The news of the two C
nsandeilong tiptopstarsameroonians coming on Fox 28 TV soon has been received with much excitement especially by Cameroonian filmmakers and actors in the United States. “This is very indicative – it means our country is rising to the top and I foresee more of such great things happening to us,” one of them told us.

Meanwhile, the to-be Fox 28 TV hosts have been digesting this new development with a lot of anxiety and excitement. “It’s a golden opportunity for us, not only to expose our skills, but to show the world what stuff Africa is made of,” Epule responded when we reached him for his reaction. “As challenging as it is, we hope to give African the best representation the continent deserves – our people can count on us for that,” the actor with 50 plus movies to his credit explained further.

Does that mean you’re going to bid farewell to movie acting, we inquired. “No, not at all - acting is part of me – hahahaha! Rather, this new experience will be an added impetus – who knows where this could lead one to,” Jeff replied.

To Nsang Dilong, it was a logical process in the revelation of hard work and determination. “However, I’m truly humbled by this opportunity and hope to impact my career and that of several other Africans through it,” she said.

It should be noted that before becoming an actor, Jeffery Epule, had displayed skills in event communication and was the desired MC for most top film industry events including ACE Awards (2009) and Collywood Night (2010). He is known for his mastery of the English language.

On her part, Nsang Dilong has rose to recognition via short films (usually run on social media) that have the propensity of holding viewers spellbound. She is also a movie actress par excellence.

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