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Bold & Beautiful Camer Ladies to showcase beauty of blogging, entrepreneurship
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A society where women boldly think that self-reliance and entrepreneurship are a concrete answer to unemployment and a leeway towards a much-needed socio-economic development is a society that is ready to rail into modernity.

If many more young Cameroonian women are going to adopt, express and follow up this vision, just like the Bold and Beautiful Camer Ladies have done, then, there is the likelihood that the country’s youth development challenges may soon be history. The BBCL as the group of young entrepreneurs is simply called have visualized a Cameroonian society where women will emerge as examples to emulate by thriving in a soothing economic environment they themselves would have created for the betterment of all.

“Make business easy for all” is a genuine goal the BBCL enthusiasts have set. Communication is the simply tool they are employing to ferry this goal to fruition. The over 40 members who fuel this latest social gathering that has business development at the back of its mind are mostly social media frequented persons who in their various individual platforms, have discovered the power that lies in interaction. It is this interaction they have now pledged to use in order to develop themselves, their businesses and the mindset of the Cameroonian consumer.

According Yefon Mainsah, the BBCL was created to act as a forum where members could share ideas and experiences, educate and learn, plan and organize, then evaluate and project. “With these inputs, it’s clear the business environment would improve with women at the forefront,” the USA-based blogger who is also founder of I Rep Camer explained.

The easiest way to achieve these, if members are not physically meeting as will be the case on December 30, 2014 in Douala, is through blogging. It is therefore around blogging that ideas and strategies of collaborating will be charted at the Sunday networking event that will be held at one of the city’s renowned conference spots – Hotel Le Meridien. Amongst other things, the bloggers cum entrepreneurs will be looking the role blogging could play in marketing and promotion. The event is expected to attract scores of Cameroonian online writers based at home and abroad.

Side-by-side the panel discussion on blogging and its impact on business will be a fashion show, mini fair, after show and animation and the exchange of business cards.

Meanwhile, members of the BBCL are young professionals who practice in areas such as healthcare, international relations, telecommunications, tourism, publishing, marketing, fashion and designs, etc. Some of its prominent members include include Adeline Sede, Anrette Ngafor, Mbole Ekaney, Yefon Mainsah , Antonia Mundi, Hilda Amambeng, Delly Vibang, Chantal Edie
Reneta NDisang
Members are found in Cameroon, Nigeria, France, the UK, USA, etc.

The December 30 event on networking comes after two similar ones organized by Adeline Sede Kamga in Douala in the months of June and November respectively. Dubbed the bloggers hangout, the event brought together online writers from all over Cameroon to look for ways of making the activity more useful and beneficial both to consumers and actors in the domain.

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