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rosyschicsNothing stops a financial management expert from being an acclaimed artist. If your singing talent is in-born, go right ahead and explore it. This best suits Rosychicks, an up-and-coming Cameroonian musician living in the diaspora. Rosychicks belongs to the category of formal education intellectuals who refuse to kill their God-given artistic skills. She is in the market with her second album. Perhaps the featuring of Don Tom (Nigerian), one of Africaís leading HIP-HOP singers in her latest album has been newsy enough to attract press attention. TIPTOPSTARSí Belgium correspondent Titus Banyoh has been trailing the singer. In a recent chat between the two, our man sought to know more about this Germany-based Cameroonian music ambassador whose real names are Anoma Abuuh Rosemeg.Excerpts!

Titus Banyoh (TB): Hi Rosychicks, weíre happy to have you on TIPTOPSTARS.

Rosychicks: Iím honoured, thanks

TB: Tell us who is Rosychicks?
Rosychicks: Rosychicks is a Cameroonian artist from the North West region.

TB: For how long have you been singing?
Rosychicks: Iíve been singing since the age of six. I would always be caught performing at birthday parties. My mum usually encouraged me by sewing cute little outfits with which to perform. I sang in my secondary school choir and in the university, I did a lot of playbacks mimicking artists such as Eve, Missy Elliot, Extra Musica and many others.


TB: What is your genre of music?

Rosychicks: My music genre is a fusion between Afro beats and Makossa and Hip-Hop. I also do a bit of RnB blending.
TB: We listened to your track scandalous, is that you first album?
Rosychicks: Scandalous is the second track from my second album. The first track is Lose Control, featuring Sideone from Nigeria. Its video is already on airwaves. It should be noted that Scandalous is my second single. Unfortunately, my first album Tears and Laughter didnít do so well in the market, so I decided to halt a little. I later got in touch with Toy Tunes from Am Sorry Entertainment in Nigeria and we started work on the second album.

TB: Who funds your music?
Rosychicks: I and Am Sorry Entertainment fund my music.

TB: Who writes your songs?
Rosychicks: I write all my songs. In fact I have difficulty singing something that someone else wrote except for the choir.

TB: Don Tom featured in your album scandalous, why this choice?
Rosychicks: Well I chose to feature Don Tom because Iím his number one fan. My manager in Nigeria that is Toy Tunes contacted Don and he agreed to do it.

TB: Apart from Don Tom who else have you worked with?
Rosychicks: I have worked with Ateh Bazore who also happens to be my manager in Cameroon. I have also worked with other Nigerians including Sideone, Sosobeat and Spydaman.

TB: Any specific themes you exploit in your lyrics?
Rosychicks: My music is mainly influenced by God's glory, my personal life experiences and also humanity, especially children. I have a soft spot for African children and children as a whole. So I talk a lot about the sufferings of children. I had been a victim of suffering as a child, so this means a lot to me.

TB:Your first album was entitled Tears and Laughter why that title?
Rosychicks: The first album was entitled Tears and Laughter because as earlier said there had been lots of tears in my life and childhood and life as a whole until God smiled at last and took all the pain away. Laughter followed suit.

TB: You say you actually started professional music in Nigeria, can we say that has an influenced over your style?
Rosychicks: I cannot really say because I started music in Nigeria and that has actually influenced my style. I try to make my music accessible to all audiences. I donít want a situation where an old lady will hear my song and say itís for youths or vice versa. Thatís why the album is an infusion of various African genres. You may like to know that Nigerian music that is fast representing West African genre. When you listen to the likes of Flavour and Inyaya, you would notice the Congolese blend.

TB: What are your dreams?
Rosychicks: Wow! Everyone has huge dreams. Musically speaking, my dream is to make my music reach out to the whole world and to perform alongside big names such as Fally Ipupa, Alpha Blondy and Toofan.

TB: You come from an area where Bottle Dance is predominant, why didnít you embark on that?
Rosychicks: Like you rightly said, bottle dance is actually originated from my village and like I said earlier the album is very versatile. So expect lots of surprises.

TB: How do you manage the stage?
Rosychicks: When Iím on stage, I have just one thing in mind - to put up a good show. I look at the crowd and I tell myself Iím here for them and when the music starts, I explode. I canít describe the feeling.

TB: What other skills do you posses?
Rosychicks: Well I play the drum, call djembe. Despite my size, I am an excellent dancer. I am a good cook who plays scrabble like mad Ė hahahahaha!

TB: Thanks for talking to TIPTOPSTARS RosychicksÖ
Rosychicks: Itís my pleasure, I appreciate.

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