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in the closet2We purposely didnít want to let his cat out of his bag when we first interviewed painter Nanje John on this site. He had, while dexterously rushing his brush over the board been carefully transforming a well written story into a cinematographically delicious piece of work. The said movie, In The Closet is the result of this behind-the-scene task and the artist is ready to serve it to his audience soon. We are now certain about one thing Ė Nanje jacks in everything and exceptionally masters them all. We reached the 1.70m-tall polyvalent artist to tell us more about the up-coming movie. He talked to our man in Belgium, Titus Banyoh. Excerpts!

Titus Banyoh (TB): Hello Nanje John good morning, how are you doing?

Nanje John (NJ): Good morning sir, Iím doing great, we thank God!

TB: Nanje the painter also dances, sings and performs on set. One man with all these skillsÖ

NJ: Oh yes! John chapter three verse twenty seven {ndr John 3:27} says no one can have anything, unless God gives him. Itís all God-given talents. I donít force any of these skills. They come naturally.

TB: In The Closet is a movie youíll soon be releasing. It has probably not been an easy road to rideÖ

NJ: Sure, itís been a difficult test. To put things together and have good results is not chocolate. However, it was successful, thanks to the Almighty Godís divine support. Iíd also like to thank the crew comprising D.O.P and Editor Ako Fred and the artists, Gipraise Addy Ngonde, Aisha, Ayuk Arrah Besong andIsata Aisha Koroma. Also, I doff my hat to my wife who was in charge of welfare.

TB: Is this your first movie?

NJ: Yes, itís my first full-fledge movie.

TB: What inspired you to join the movie family?

NJ: After watching Coming to America, produced with Eddy Murphy way back, I developed an insatiable interest for movies. I had in mind that one day I will be identified with the movies. Nollywood Ďs Emeka Ike also inspired me.   In fact, Iíve been part of the movie family since 1995 when I worked with Ngangum Mathew of blessed memory and Joe Walkie in The Sacrament, directed by Dr. Emeka Uhegbu.

TB: What is In The Closet all about and what should your fans expect?

NJ: My movie mirrors life. It is about relationships, cheating, broken homes and blackmail. My fans are going to see the reality of life in this movie which Iím sure, theyíll appreciate.

TB: When is the premiere due?

NJ: This Summer.

TB: Do you know other Cameroon film makers and how closely do you work with each other?

NJ: I know of Ako Fred whom we fondly call the Koko master. We work as partners. Addy Ngonde of Spire Entertainment played a lead role in   my movie. I know Timah Simon, based in Holland but weíve never worked together and of course Titus Banyoh alias Batimu Dericardo, who is a good script writer and director I admire. I havenít worked with him yet but look forward to doing so.

TB: It was nice chatting with you John

NJ: Thanks for the opportunity.

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