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Washington DC: CEA Starts
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Saturday, 28 July 2012 14:29

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The doors of the famous Cramton Auditorium flung open in just few hours to let in guests to the maiden edition of the Cameroon Entertainment Awards, CEA. The Washington DC metropolitan settlement of Maryland has since yesterday been swelling up with artists/CEA nominees and anxious guests. According to organizers and the schedule, the glamour event kicks off at 6.pm local time prompt. It will be marked by music performances, prize-handing and presentation of the people who make the Cameroonian entertainment industry tick.


Meanwhile, the CEA kicked off in grand style on Friday July 27 with a Press and Artists Meet and Greet Dinner that took place in one of Maryland’s sumptuous hotels. The Press diner hostess Mafor Edwan, trusted with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the evening expressed her excitement of being part of the dream. Mafor, affectionately known as ‘Mama Cameroon’ praised the CEA founders and Executive Producers Maybelle Boma and Anne Etape for being so courageous and risk-bearing. Here her: “These are two solid Cameroonian girls have done things in an extraordinary way.” “They have not worried about failure and that’s why they’ve stood.” The event pilot continued: “The day Maybelle called and informed me about this initiative, I started praying for her.” Mafor conjectured a CEA that will be matched with the OSCARS. “It’s just a matter of time and we’ll be there,” said the lady who was elegantly clad in Cameroonian colours.

In her response, Maybelle Boma thanked everyone who believed and is still subscribed to the vision. Falling short of shedding tears of joy, the CEA founder was glad the event had come to fruition. It has not been chocolate though. The gorgeously dressed gospel singer held that the road had been long, marked by sleepless nights and shuttling from city to city to introduce the idea to potential helpers. “Who doesn’t know I and Anne now, we are reputed for knocking at every door. But we did all of that for the sake of our beloved country Cameroon and not for any selfish reasons,” the CEA Executive Producer explained.

On her part, Anne Etape gave her heart to everyone including friends who had gone beyond the ordinary to support the CEA financially. She couldn’t help praising her most understanding spouse for patiently letting her get so involved with CEA. “For eight months, I’ve not had ample time with my family, but I’m happy the dream is turning into a reality,” she said.

On the softer side, TIPTOPSTARS beamed on the following….

Stars agogo!

Friday evening could be described as a mini CEA. There were stars in the hall. We caught sight of US-based Cameroonian actors. Clad in beautiful pink party robes, Taka Tanni smiled all evening. At one point the actress was called up stage to make CEA prelim statements. “Have fun guys,” she ended her brief remark.

Sitting next to Taka Tanni was her long-time friend and co-presenter Trinah Takoh. The actress and TV show hostess kept calm all evening, but reminded folks it was time to celebrate Cameroon’s artistic wealth.

Big Producer Abraham Takoh in the house

Abraham Takoh, clad in a stylish black jacket and “Poitinini shoes” took time to discuss his Kamwood initiative, while calling on Cameroonians to believe in themselves. Takoh made these remarks upon invitation up the stage as one of the celebrities of the evening. He has been one of the people working behind the scenes for the CEA and the success of the event has been primordial to the producer. Abraham Takoh is the founder of Kamwood and one of the leading Cameroonian filmmakers in the diaspora. His movies and TV shows are not new to the Cameroonian and African public.

Maryland’s pioneer African DJ

DJ CHICK, famous for his dexterity on the sound console had a thrilling presence at the CEA Press Dinner. “I’m scared of the mike, enjoy yourselves,” the sound guru joked as he doffed his heart to folks. DJ CHICK, it should be noted is the pioneer African DJ in the Cameroonian fief of Maryland, where he has performed that duty for close to two decades.

Behiya in town

CRTV’s Behiya Leonard Bruce was spotted in the hall. Behiya flew all the way from Douala for the CEA and will be one of the live event communicators today. Behiya who is the current Station Manager of CRTV’s FM 105 Swelaba is one of the leading journalists and radio entertainers in Cameroon. He hit his mark in the late 90s when he created and ran the famous Conversation on FM 105. Conversation was the first popular pidgin show, coming even before the liberalization of the audio-visual sector in Cameroon. TIPTOPSTARS will be talking to the salient guest in Maryland.

Angelle Kwemo: “I can’t wait for tomorrow”

Secretary to Congressman Bobby L. Rush and Cameroonian trained international Lawyer Angelle Kwemo was delighted. Kwemo walked in happy and maintained that mood till the end of the evening. “We are such a rich country that we deserve to celebrate our culture,” she said. The Capitol worker expressed anxiety to be part of the awards night. She congratulated the two young women who have undoubtedly become Cameroon’s much-talked about promoters of entertainment abroad. Kwemo however gave guests to the Press Dinner a run for their time when she staged a spectacular dance upon request from the MCs of the evening. This followed thunderous applause.

Cameroon, o bosso! – Kaissa

Cameroonian singer Kaissa reminded guest that ours is a rich country and we cannot afford not to valorize our cultural heritage. Speaking in Duala most of the time, the artiste praised the initiative and expressed gratitude for being made part of the dream. She enjoined folks to make it a date at the cramton. “Cameroon o bosso,” she ended her brief statement.

The unbeatable MCs

I’ve seen MCs, but I’ve seen one today,” TIPTOPSTARS Editor recalls having told Gwei Ben Fonlon soon after the Press Dinner rounded off. The MC who carefully selected his words let them flow in the most cajoling manner to the utter excitement of the guests. Fonlon who is said to be one of the leading Cameroonian MCs in the DC area spoke with life and humour. He was so convincing to the point where guests couldn’t hold back. “He is just so good,” a guest, held spellbound by Fonlon said.

On her part, Ono Achalle spoke with such a charming voice that kept the hall alive. Her mastery of the Queen’s language played the trick and was an excellent spice for the evening.

The CEA Press Dinner marked the beginning of the three-day celebration of Cameroon’s fast-growing entertainment industry.

Affair, a suivre…

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0 #2 Mafor 2012-07-30 14:06
You did not miss a thing Tiptopstars!
Congrats for great journalism.
(Mama Cameroon)
0 #1 Ala Leo 2012-07-29 11:06
Cant wait to to see the participants of the great occasion, and also thanks to TIPTOPSTARS web for keeping us updated, you guys are just the best, and i wish my projects also could go on your web pages, wish you the best and waiting for more updates,
thanks Alaleo


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