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Washington DC: Here comes the CEA!
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Thursday, 26 July 2012 07:12

awardsThe anxiously awaited and much-talked about Cameroon Entertainment Awards is here! The three-day event kicks off tomorrow in America’s capital and seat of the great White House, Washington DC. All roads have since led to DC with participants striping into town from all over the globe. “I arrived in DC three days for the CEA and I’m ready for the great show,” Concilia Akefor, a Cameroonian living in the UK told us this morning. To the 26-year-old Banking student and lover of showbiz, the Cameroon Entertainment Awards is a rare event uniting artists of a country well reputed for producing talented people.

To Carine, 28 and living in Washington DC for the past eight years, the CEA is the biggest Cameroonian thing that has happened in the US since she arrived in the country in the fall of 2004. “We have had countless Cameroonian events here, but I must say the CEA is the biggest and much-talked about. It was such a great initiative which must be lauded,” she explained when we got her on the line to Washington this morning.

Just like Carine, scores of Cameroonians living in the Washington area (Maryland, New Jersey – fief of the Cameroonian community in the US) are set to be part of the historic event. Other fellow compatriots living in different States of the United States are reportedly said to be streaming into DC.

Meantime, foreigners and friends of Cameroon have been showing and gladly announcing their presence at the CEA event. Syrene Douglasse and Yolande Kasilela from the Caribbean and Democratic Republic of Congo respectively are aspiring actresses and Maryland residents. To the lovers of arts, the CEA has been top on their 2012 agenda. “I couldn’t wait to be part of the event,” Syrene told TIPTOPSTARS few minutes before this article was written. Kasilela said: “I’ve always had a penchant for Cameroonian events and as a lover of movies and music, I think the CEA is my kind of thing.”

On the other hand, organizers say all is now set for the even auditorium as sidelines of the CEA. A host of artists will be gracing the Cramton Executive producer Maybelle Boma had ceaselessly communicated on the line-up of singers including foreign stars who have won hearts in Cameroon in recent times. The event venue, Cramton is in excellent shape waiting for its users to make its use funky.

On a more serious note, winners of the various contested categories will take to the stage/podium to have the first grip of their CEA trophies.

Media partners including TIPTOPSTARS, Trendy, Aphrodite Entertainment, Kabibi, Fatalcut Entertainment are expected to show up for a ‘rencontre’ Friday. Other partners of the event are Afrikanspot, Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation, K.O Palu, Arik Air, Germantown Pharmacy and Compounding, African Hopa and Africanovi, etc.

The CEA has been planned for several months. Executive Producers Maybelle Boma and Anne Etape have been
on the move, galvanizing support for the event which is meant entirely to promote Cameroon’s rich cultutaral heritage. Thanks to their relentless efforts, the CEA has gone beyond borders, explaining why a host of foreign diplomats have thrown their weight behind the initial and promised to be present at Cramton come July 28.TIPTOPSTARS will be doing a special report on the event on twitter. Post-event reports will be equally be carefully packaged to meet the taste of visitors to this site.

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0 #2 KINI WOLFGANG 2012-08-02 20:25
that is good for the new award ceremony in Cameroon , but what aback me is that.Are there no halls in Cameroon that the awards can be awarded? there are things that we have to understand . we are still under develop so to be showing our wealthiness outside our own home makes no sense . what is it, all about fame? ( any how na, poor man go say beer di bitter )
0 #1 jeffy jonz 2012-07-26 17:02


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