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Gospel: Sis Favour favoured with maiden album
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Friday, 06 July 2012 01:09

Fans of gospel music worldwide will soon start getting used to a new name – Sister Favour Grace Nganje. Initially known and appraised only within Church or community circles, the Cameroonian-born American citizen and talented singer has now opted to hit the professional road. Favour will thus make the gospel music industry one album richer when she makes public Testimonial Praise. Testimonial Praise which has been in the incubator for about eight years will see the light of day on Saturday July 14, 2012 at a crowd-pulling launch to be hosted by Joshua’s Generation Church at 6111 East Main Street, Columbus, Ohio.

The debut album launch concert for Sister Favour’s Testimonial Praise which kicks off at 6pm promises to be a package full of entertaining melodious tracks that provides the needed aroma for songs of praise. Of course, the artist herself is bracing up to hold her audience spellbound with a series of spectacular performances. “That’s why I’m inviting everyone to come over and join me in thanking the Lord for the great work He has done in my life,” Favour told TIPTOPSTARS’ Editor recently.

Meantime, Testimonial Praise which has been in gestation for quite some time is a medley (collection of songs intertwined to form a whole piece). It is arranged by Adolf Ntungwen aka Kumba Boy with the assistance of some collaborators at the Azi Studio, situated beside the popular Azi Motel in Kumba. The final phase of the product was put together in the US by Pastor Carlos Waller and presented in the most musically coaxing manner, ready to appeal to the general public. With themes that center around Christian living, Sister Favour hopes to reach people’s hearts with the Good News of God’s love and freedom from the darkness of evil. It is a self-produced album which the young singer hopes to circulate worldwide beginning July 14.

As booking for the CD launch concert goes on, the latest gospel music icon urges potential guests to the event to contact her for details via 614-735-1746 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


FAVOUR IN STUDIOInitially known as Marie Mojoko Nganje (in Cameroon) and now Favour Grace Nganje (in the US), Favour was born in Bota, Limbe, South West region of Cameroon. She hails from Bojongo, a settlement along the Cameroonian coast. Having experienced enormous divine grace and favour in her life, she decided to show gratitude to the Almighty by giving more meaning to her life. By so doing, the gospel artist changed her name from Marie Mojoko to Favour Grace. “I love my new name and must tell you it’s been working miracles in my life,” she revealed.

Favour who is also a seamstress (specialized in African designs) grew up singing. “Music runs in my family,” she told us. Favour revealed further: “My dad was a good singer, so too is my mum and all my siblings.” Favour’s unquenchable appetite for music piloted her dreams to the Church band where she performed, leading praise worship in the process. In her Apostolic Church Kumba days, she and her band mates thrilled brethren and other guests at church conventions, crusades, conferences and wedding ceremonies respectively, where the power of God was felt. This won her an immeasurable amount of admiration from her audience.

But how did the 5.2 feet-tall Sister favour come about with such skills? “I’m inspired by the Almighty God and the Holy Spirit,” she explained. “Most of the times, my songs are delivered to me through prayers. Once they come, I record them somewhere and can later fix them up,” Favour explained further.

For one thing, Sister Favour does more than just entertaining her audience with her soul-searching voice. “My mission is to send across the message embedded in the Holy Scriptures, perhaps, the way God wanted me to minister,” she said.

Without any formal training in music, God-gifted Favour believes her place is at the summit, reason why she will continue to use her voice to gratify her creator.

During her leisure, Favour would always be found doing physical exercise to keep fit. On a calm Sunday afternoon, while listening to Judy Jacobs’ (her role model in gospel music) Behold He Comes, Favour can easily be caught savouring a bowl of kwacoco and mbanga soup, her Bakweri (Cameroonian tribe) traditional delicacy. The day she is spotted in sky blue, Favour is in a joyous mood. “It’s my favourite colour,” she said.

Testimonial Praise comes at a time several other Cameroonian-born gospel singers are sprouting and giving this genre the attention it deserves. In the US where Favour resides, a good number of gospel artistes have been making great strides including Maybell Boma, Pandita Njoh Eta, Yunick Yuniwoh, etc.

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