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Classy Night for Collywooders
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Tuesday, 16 March 2010 09:24

Filmmakers in Cameroon will hardly forget Saturday 13 March 2010. It was one of the days they came together to celebrate their achievements. To say it was classic is an understatement. Collywood Class, as the event was christened was more than that. From far and near, they converged on Yaounde and showcased what they had been doing all these years.

At the white party guests were entertained with a projection of exciting Cameroonian film trailers that caught the attention of everyone. Some of the movies whose trailers were projected at the party included Asaba Ferdinand's Mark of the Absolute, Agbor Steve's Clash of Inheritance, Fred Fondo's Another Chance, Musing Derick's Cluster, Chi Anthony's Crazy Enterprise and Ancestral Wrath, etc. A slide, paying tribute to some devoted filmmakers and actors also featured on the programmed.

Then came the remarks. Representing the Minister of Culture, the Director of Cinematography, Wang Johnson expressed the positive feelings, not only about the organization of the classy night but about the strides filmmakers in Cameroon had had so far. Wang was of the opinion that there was light at the end of the tunnel and did not fail to encourage filmmakers to push forward with their dreams. "The Ministry is ready to provide its support. All you need to do is to convince us your projects are genuine," he explained.

To CRTV's Director of Production, Robert Ekukole, the state television has now fully accepted to give a chance to Cameroonian movies. "Be  rest assured that if the technical and artistic quality of your work is acceptable, CRTV will line it up for screening," he promised. "We have many movies lying on our table. We are studying them and believe me, good ones will be selected for screening," he went on. Ekukole urged filmmakers to pay much attention to quality work. "What you guys are doing gives me the impression you're ready to build this industry. Do not relent in your efforts in trying to do that," he said.

In response to that and friendly remarks from other guests to Collywood Class, Waa Musi expressed the industry's gratefulness for all the support from stakeholders. The CFI National Coordinator was particularly thankful to the Minister of Culture, Ama Tutu Muna for her role in the development and promotion of the seventh art. "She has not only worked as a member of Government, but has cared for us like a mother. She has of course been our mother and if we have gone this far, it is largely thanks to her," said Waa of Ama Tutu Muna.

Popular country music artiste, Richard Kings cum actor thrilled guest with soul-searching pieces including the famous Salamando. H e was accompanied on the podium by rising singer and Collywood anthem creator Dogstar and talented youngster, Mobstar. Their various interventions held Collywood Class invitees spellbound

Perhaps the surprise for the day was the recognition of some people whom project CEO, Chiatoh Collins and project organiser, Elvis Tanwie said had contributed remarkably to the growth of the industry. They were awarded and enjoined to work harder for the sake of the art and the industry. They included,

Up-rising actress - Abia Maureen

Up-rising female film director - Josephine Mankfuh

Daring actress - Ebot Vera

Daring film producer - Musing Derick

Upholding tradition - Agbor Steve

Sound quality - Hard Decision by Molimi Cletus

Daring female producer - Ayi Chatou Inoua

Outstanding leadership - Ngangum Mathew

Promotion of culture - Ernest Kanjo

For one thing, guests to the white party went home satisfied that they had been thrilled by the MCs for the day, Kome Epule Jeff and Ngong Mirabel Nange. "They were simply fantastic," said one of them.

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