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Miss P Show host to meet the Obamas
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Sunday, 01 April 2018 04:54

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On the invitation of the Universal Documentary Services (UDS), Cameroonian TV host, Pamela Happi will be in Washington DC as from Wednesday, April 11, 2018, to film a special edition of the Miss P Show with the United States former first family. A list of African TV talk show hosts accredited by UDS, a renowned America-based TV documentary outfit to do post-White House feature reports on the Obamas, was announced on Msnbc News an hour ago and is published on the weekend edition of Washington Post.

Speaking to Washington Post’s Moteli Kemi in her “Africa Today” column, former first lady, Michelle Obama explained that the choice of Pamela Happi of the Miss P Show was not by chance. “When UDS contacted us for the feature reports projects, we asked to know who the reporters would be,” she said. “They rather suggested we should select them from three continents for the first phase, five from Africa, two from Europe and three from South America.”

For Africa, the former first lady told Washington Post, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya were on the list and the Obamas had to select one host from each of these countries. “That’s how my daughters and I set to research on African TV shows produced in the countries from which UDS wanted us to select,” Michelle explained. “Behold, when we came across the Miss P Show, we were amazingly unanimous that the host was our favorite and that’s how Pamela Happi got on our list.” Mrs Obama went further: “After watching a couple of her shows, we discovered a young TV host who is so gifted, charismatic on her job and success-driven. Her diction is superb and her thoughts and questions so organized. This cajoled the family and we will be very excited to receive her for the interview.”

Soon after we got the news, TIPTOPSTARS’ editor rang the famous TV talk show host for her reaction. “My immediately reaction was to tell myself that my dreams are not failing me,” Pamela, speaking from Doauala, explained her first feelings to us. “In fact Ernest, for the first time, I saw myself leaping to the height of my ceiling in total jubilance.” “Someone has kept telling me that somebody, somewhere, somehow is watching me and taking note and that someday, they will react mightily, this is it Ernest. I’m more that happy about this.”

To be on a set with the Obamas, cameras pointing and you know the world would watch, we put it to the host of the Miss P Show. “Ernest, to be honest, this is a big one, a herculean task, but should I say I am nervous already – I think Pamela Happi is not. I’m up to the task, trust me,” she said confidently. “I have always told myself I’ll get to talk to the most powerful people on earth, this is it unfolding.”

April 11 is not far from today – how will Pamela prepare for this? “Ernest, let’s all wait and see how this unfolds together,” Pamela said.

It should be recalled that just like her husband, Michelle was fond of showing up on TV shows during the Obama tenure in office. She would practically dance, sing, cook and play games to the utter amazement of the audience.

Pamela Happi’s invitation comes just few days after the resumption of the Miss P Show for a new season. Generally seen to be one of the best things that have happened on TV entertainment in recent years, the show first went on the screens in 2015. It has featured some of the most spectacular entertainers in Cameroon and Africa.

Meantime, the United Documentary Services is an internationally recognized TV feature reports and documentary production company with headquarters in New Jersey, USA. It has just embarked on a huge project to produce a series of feature reports on the former President and his family after their stay at the White House which ended on January 20, 2017. “We count a lot on the show hosts who have been selected to do this job and fervently hope they’ll do their best,” Dwanyne Richardson, UDS production manager told Washington Post.

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