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Cameroon: Sighan, Njoume, poised to change phase of music
News / Latest / TTS / Wednesday, 10 August 2016 23:45

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Sighan and Njoume are names Cameroonian contemporary music lovers are fast getting used to since both budding artists released their singles few days ago. “They’re such wonderful singers and would be forces to reckon with,” a Cameroonian, living in Ohio, USA told TIPTOPSTARS. The music lover had just listened to Ababan and Small Mami, the said tracks that is already capturing huge attention.

We couldn’t hesitate to sign both artists because of their irresistible voices and style,” a note from Tchac-kap System Entertainment, the record label under which the young musicians operate.

The Afro pop artists are said to be introducing an unheard and unseen rhythm which is a blend of Cameroonian genres such njang, benskin, bitkutsi, makossa, assiko, etc.

Born in Douala, raised there and in Bamenda respectively, got into entertainment from childhood with skills in dancing, singing to and acting. She represented her school as a dancer at competitions such as Challenge Vacance and Campus Celebrity.

Meanwhile, Njoume, son of the legendary makossa artist and guitar icon Njoume Maurice picked music after his dad. Prior to Small Mami, the young singer did back-up for several artists.

Ababan and Small Mami were recorded at the No Hitz No Records studio in Buea and produced by Philbillbeats. Both artists were guest on Apex 1 Radio’s African Fiesta on August 10, 2016 hosted by Kristen Asiedu and Ernest Kanjo.

For more information contact:

(+237) 67001224 & (237) 676019008 Facebook: Njoume official

Sighan official  YouTube : tchac-kap system  Soudcloud: tchac-kap system


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