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Daphne reveals comic side in latest video
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Saturday, 16 April 2016 01:03
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Stunning! Thatís how a Daphne fan described Motherís Love, the artistís previous track that sent young girls regurgitating their filial love for their mums. More than stunning! The same fan came back, this time giving Daphneís latest single, a bigger qualifier. Allez, the said track that arrived in the music market on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 like a shooting star, has already permeated Cameroonian circles abroad with immeasurable vigor. This is a clear indication that the author of Rastafari and Ndolo has kept to her tradition Ė crafting only the kind of songs that possess the capacity to move their consumers.

If we go by the rhythm, words and dance flare in Allez, then the fervent Daphne fan who sees Allez beyond just being a stunning track is unarguably on point. But letís stay with the third aspect Ė the dance. Allez by every ramification, spots on a front seat position when it comes to comic dancing in videos released in Cameroon of late.

In a rare occasion, the singer, known for her glaring seriousness while in activity, is noticed in an exciting comic mood as she displays the ĎBend Skin a la Daphne et Les Featuristsí. This is certainly resulting from a video set inspiration from the starring clown duo whose ingenuous approach in dramatizing the story in Allez, gives the video the grandeur it is now feasting on.

Described by its makers as fun and playful, Daphneís Allez, produced by Mr. Winney and AnyKindBeats, is dance-in, dance-out, with the potential of mobilizing much more attention than could be remotely imagined. The song/ video features Les Featurists, a Cameroonian band that has been in the headlines for quite some time now. ďIt was a lot of fun working with Les Featurists, both in the studio and on the video set,Ē Daphne said. She added: ďI hope our fans will have as much fun, listening, watching and dancing to the Allez just as much as we did while making it.Ē To Stevenís Music Entertainment (SME), Les Featuristsí role in the project was a great asset. ďThey add a balanced touch to the story of the song,Ē the production outfit wrote in a release sent to TIPTOPSTARS.

Allez is directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens who has done previous Daphne jobs, including Motherís Love, Gunshot and Rastafari.

Meantime, Daphne is currently nominated for the 2016 edition of the prestigious KORA Awards.



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