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FB 20151027 13 37 54 Saved Picture2If art was everything, Edith Pikwa would no regrets. The USA-based Cameroonian movie actress did not become an artist by chance. Art is everywhere around her. In fact, Edith is art, a fan of the movie star opined. When I look at her, I see one thing art, she added.

The notion that Pikwa is an embodiment of art, held by scores of other observers goes beyond words it is truism by every ramification. The actress presents her passion for art in huge supplies. At press time, Pikwa was on a movie set at San Diego, on the heels of successive awards ceremonies and movie premieres. This industry would be different if everyone had my passion, she would always joke.

Generally, Pikwa would support and promote artists and works of art in several areas, but she is officially a movie actress. However, there is an interesting angle to this artists life that has kept many observers being unable to decipher where exactly Pikwa belongs or to which direction her heart beats more. This interviewer had no reason to question her exactitude, when 14-year-old Kristine, an Ohio fan of African movies argued that Pikwa was a fashion model and not an actress, to the best of her knowledge. She wasnt wrong to imagine so after all, when you see the Dallas-based actress, you have seen a fashion.

Pikwas unquenchable appetite for fashion has become an interesting twist to her artistic life, to a point where taking her for a professional fashion model, is near the truth. That flare for outfit can only be comparable to the famous Queen Marie Antoinette of France, wife of Louis XVI who possessed thousands of pairs of shoes that have become relics sold at cut-throat prices today.

This wardrobe side of Pikwas artistic life has caught the attention of TIPTOPSTARS and we decided to discover where this fashion was coming from. The 5.7ft-tall actress who doubles as FACE of the entertainment-oriented apex 1 Radio establishes the relationship between her movie life and love for fashion. She spoke to editor Ernest Kanjo. Excerpts!

Ernest Kanjo (EK): Edith Pikwa welcome to TIPTOPSTARS!

Edith Pikwa (EP): Thanks Ernest, its a pleasure!

EK: Where is Ediths love for fashion coming from?

EP: In-born! I guess I was born with fashion. It comes from within.

EK: Are you a fashion model?

EP: No!

EK: If yes, explain more. If no, do you hope to become one?

EP: Yes, if the opportunity comes, why not! I will crab it. People ask me that question all the time. Im seriously considering modelling.

EK: Who designs your outfit?

EP: Actually, I have three designers. Of late, I have been using ZNA.K designs in Canada.

EK: Do you suggest designs or you go by what you get from your designers?

EP: I do a lot of suggestions on what I want. Even when my designer comes up with something new, I always want to add, especially at the level of fitness.

EK: What is Ediths outfit taste and why?

EP: I love gorgeously fitting outfits that present my true shape.

EK: We seem to see you more in western styled attired and less of African outfit why?

EP: Hahaha! Really! I didnt quite notice I do Western style more. Well, its obvious. Im in the Western world, so I get to come across Western-styled fashion more and I work with them as such. I howver love African attire to the fullest and recently if you noticed Im wearing them more. I try to be unique by blending African outfit with Western-styled fashion to have something classy and chic. I call it the WestAfrican look.

EK: What are your favourite colours?

EP: My favourite colours! Wow! There you go! Its hard to tell. I believe every colour is good - you just have to know how to blend them to suit a particular style you want at a particular point in time. Im good at playing with colours to bring out something spectacular. I trust myself on that hahahaha!

EK: Edith should have a tight wardrobe - have you ever bothered to count your dresses, shoes and other dressing item how many do you have?

EP: Wow! Wow! Wow! Hahahaha! My wardrope is pretty tight, but I have never really bothered to count. I would be lost if I tried to do it. But the good thing is that I always clear a lot of stuff from my wardrobe and send back home for my mom to share to the less privileged. Honestly, I cant give a figure.

EK: Each time you are well dressed, how do you feel? Does this have anything to do with your psychological state?

EP: I will say yes, it does. Looking good to me is an addiction. II feel fulfilled, I feel happy, I feel different! When Im well dressed, my spirit alive and the joy in me touches others if you know what I mean.

EK: What have your peers and fans been telling you about your knack for fashion?

EP: People compliment me a lot when I go out. They express the desire to know where I get whatever Im wearing from. Many people just love the way I put stuff together. What I tell them is that being in the mode all the time does not necessitate spending much money, rather, study your body and know what fits you - period.

EK: What is the relationship between your fashion life and your movie life?

EP: My fashion life is the real me being straight up fashionable. My movie life is full of different characters being portrayed by and in me. As an actress you change depending on the character being given to you.

EK: Who provides your movie costumes the production or you?

EP: Mostly the production, but sometimes, I do provide my costumes if the need arises.

EK: What if what the production wants you to put on what does not suit your taste, do you opt to go by what you bring?

EP: Oh no! At that point I would be playing the character, not the fashionable Edith Pikwa. Definitely, I have to dress to portray the character.

EK: Do you hope to get into costuming in movie production?

EP: For now no! Maybe in the future! Well, on set, I can help with some ideas just to make production look great.

EK: Who is your role model in fashion?

EP: Truth be told, when Im online or on Facebook, I admire ladies that have learned their body figure and know what suits them. That said Omotola Ekeinde is one of my role models. She knows what is right for her figure.

EK: Thanks Edith!

EP: I loved this interview hahahaha! An interesting one indeed! Thanks Ernest and TIPTOPSTARS!


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