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Witty music observers have always refrained from being so generous to debut singers whose maiden release catapults them to amazing fame. They argue, backed with experience that many of such musicians have failed to prove their might from their second and subsequent albums or singles. Assessments based on ‘number ones’ may not only be premature, but could be sufficiently deceitful. “Show us ‘number two’ and shall tell you what singer you are,” they would claim.

In as much as this standpoint may habour some meaning, there are also scores of such famous debut artists whose ‘number twos’ and subsequently albums or singles have amazingly turned out to be best-sellers, at times better packaged, loved and applauded than the previous ones. Such singers have succeeded in capturing a permanently growing audience.

Rap hero, Stanley Enow fits squarely into this description. No sooner had his entry track, Hein Pere which created an indelible mark observers continue to say held Cameroon and African in a fit never experienced before, than another hit checked in. From every indication, TumbuBoss (Deluxe) is fast bearing the same weight. “I now confirm Stanley’s talent in rap, he has convinced me,” Margie, an Ohio Hein Pere fan told TIPTOPSTARS after watching the TumbuBoss (Deluxe) video more than once. Margie told us she did not watch the video once because she wanted to avoid hasty conclusions. To her, the young rap artist must no longer be taken with a pinch of salt. “He deserves all the applause he has had so far, Stanley is good,” the fan insisted.

It would definitely be no surprise to learn that many other observers or music lovers hold the same opinion. TumbuBoss (Deluxe) is self-revealing. Its 3.46-minute-long video is one of such pieces that meet international standards and is readily accepted and screened on renowned entertainment channels including  TRACE and  MTV BASE.


As an innovation, the Samsung Cameroon ambassador is rather clad in the Heart Angel Clothing, promoted by UK-based Cameroonian Steve Franklin, other than his usual Motherland brand outfit. That’s him – Stanley Enow – the versatile artist!

Shot by Shamack Allharamadji, the video with catchy visuals reveals a gritty, yet fast-paced lifestyle dominated by porsches, airplanes, bling bling jewelleries, etc.

Perhaps, the image of Tumbu boss calabar…” a typical indigenous interactive game among English-speaking Cameroonian kids in the days of yore, which swiftly rekindles sweet childhood memories, is the single’s joker. In short, Stanley has won scores of hearts in this one.

Hailing from South West region of Cameroon, Stanley Enow shot his way into fame via his maiden single, Hein Pere. This fame broke boundaries and in recent weeks, the Douala-based rap maestro has been thrilling other audiences around the globe. He is expected in the United States in the coming months and TIPTOPSTARS is told anxiety is growing hugely.

TumbuBoss (Deluxe) is the second official single to be released from his yet-to-be released debut album Soldier Like My Papa.

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