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Seasonal gift: Naomi Achu unveils new single
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Saturday, 21 December 2013 05:52


TIPTOPSTAR NaomiAchu ItsMyLife

When this writer mentioned to an Ohio Naomi Achu fan that the Cameroonian  Afro Hip-Hop and rap queen is at the verge of dropping her newest single, the former’s reaction was obvious. “I just cannot wait,” she simple said. She speculated further: “I don’t doubt Naomi’s ability in capturing my attention with her beautifully crafted pieces. This one will be another catchy single I can assure you.”

True to the fan’s word, It’s My Life, the said single, officially released today, is a track the author holds very tight to her heart. “The technical and artistic crew put in a lot of effort to have the result we are today proud to present to our fans,” Naomi told TIPTOPSTARS yesterday. The USA-based Cameroonian artist has actually been working on this single for a while now, but was waiting for the appointed moment to push it out. “I wanted to be able to give this track its full attention and promotion,” she revealed. Talking from Maryland, the young and talented Cameroonian singer also explained that she hopes It’s My Life will circulate beyond Africa. “This is more so because I exceptionally worked hard this time,” she said.

TIPTOPSTARS NAOMIACHUAccording to the author of Suga (Naomi’s previous single released late last year), It’s My Life will not only be appealing because of the track’s dexterously crafted moving beats, but also due to the straight-forward message it seeks to ferry across. Freeing one’s mind from unnecessary distractions and opting for self-happiness, the author of the new single holds, should be one of life’s ultimate goals. “Had I knowns should not come in to hinder one’s happiness,” she insisted. And added: “That’s what I’m trying to drive across in the song.”

Recorded at the Maryland Dream Recording Studio, the good sound quality of the 4.7-minutes long single is the handiwork of Walta Blackson, one of the frontline African sound engineers in the diaspora who doubles as music producer. Walta has been working with me for a while now and understands my writing and singing style. He’s the most patient producer I've ever worked with and he has a great work ethic.  I admire his engineering style,” the music icon told TIPTOPSTARS Editor. 

Meanwhile, It’s My Life, a song written by Naomi herself, is produced by Samklef, one of Nigeria’s ace producers. “Samklef whom I respect to the letter believed in me and so took his time to make this single a reality. I remain indebted to him,” said the rapper. Naomi explained that other hands came on deck. “Such as Hadja Kobele Keita of Mycoyah Productions whom I must recognize for supporting me in making It’s My Life possible,” she said. 

Any public performance in the pipeline? “My next show is in LA for the New Year. I’ll be performing It’s My Life for the first time at the concert so I'm really looking forward to that. The promoters for the event are Bombastic Na La & Tiana Bibish Elad,” Naomi announced.

It should be noted that award-winning Naomi Achu is one of the leading Cameroonian contemporary singers in the diaspora who has been generally acclaimed for her extraordinary talent embedded not only in her rapping/singing, but also in her choreographic display. She recently tied the nuptial knot (in a star wedding) with a very supportive and loving better half, Dayo Chiedoze Akinwande. It’s My Life will be available on iTunes this season. Naomi will be main guest on Afrikka Radio’s African Cocktail with Ernest Kanjo on Wednesday January 8, 2014

It's My Life by NaomiAchuOfficial

For more on the single contact the artist via:
www.YouTube.com/ NaomiAchuWorldwide  


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