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Movie Preview: Far coming from afar
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Sunday, 20 October 2013 23:54


far tiptopstarsSimply put, Ikechukwu Onyeka’s Far, co-produced by Agbor Gilbert Ebot and Mathew Eyong befits the eyes. Its outcome as an excellently woven cinematographic piece should be no news. The unusual would have rather been the contrary. In short Far replicates its technical and artistic makers.

The opening scenes of the movie clearly situate the context of the full-loaded family story the viewers would be treated to. The physically gorgeous home of the protagonist family, the matrimonially cordial interactions between husband and wife plus the display of auxiliary domestic staff indicates the filmmakers’ vision vis-à-vis achieving this context.

True to the literary acceptable style, the story is founded on several mini plots,  systematically calculated into a sustainable suspense. That suspense as would be appreciated in Far gives the movie an unimaginable flare the viewer would love to savour again and again. As the USA and Cameroon scenes are shuttled in a typical Ikechukwu Onyeka style, the story develops, yet the viewer would stay clued to discover the final outcome.

Perhaps the Cameroonianess of Far is what will make the AGE/Cradle Rocks Productions Int’l movie the meaningful cinema piece its potential audience would love to have. If the use of “Patron” (master {Nigeria would say “Oga”}) familiarizes the story, bilingual (French and English) dialogues simply adds impetus. If the costumes (kabba inclusive) depict Cameroon, the sound tract, Bebe Manga’s highly acclaimed Mot Binam tells the story better. Or, would one doubt the filmmaker’s wit in letting the probs and sets attach importance to the conspicuous portrait of Cameroon’s Chief Executive Paul Biya?

For one thing Far is a fine piece of artistic ornament, performance wise – that is the golden gift from the artistic director! If Jim Iyke is just him in the movie, the indefatigable Jeffery Epule (husband, Mr Enow) takes no chances in doing what has become his common set attitude – always performing better than a previous performance. He simply steals the heart of every viewer in this one.

Then, Dakore Akande (medical doctor) and Merlisa Determined (wife, Pierret) have just given viewers a run for their money – a display of professional set performance! Quinta Eyong Ashu and Ojong Solange have taken gigantic steps in their set show and this is noticeable in their Far performance. Curious Mama Queen (playing maid), as the former is affectionately called is the amazing case – playing a sub role that turns out to be the movie’s spotlight.

On his part, Libota McDonald has stayed true to the art he knows best, same seriousness, same smile, same gesticulations. Then enter Ivan Nname in his usual gentle mood on set, serious but doing his thing so smooth. Perhaps, the commander-in-chief in the Far cast is Alenne Menget (playing gate man) whose comic relief gives the movie an irresistible aroma that will surely ferry Far to an African Oscar expedition. Alenne’s performance is simply sweet or a ‘sans commentaire’.

Technically, Far meets the standards – impeccable images, good sound quality, appropriate shot angles.

Far was shot on locations in the United States of America and Cameroon between February and April 2013. It was edited in a Nigerian studio. Also featuring in the movie are Kang Quintus, Pridine Fru, Mercy Etta, Maru Gatscaya, Tah Samson and others. The movie will be premiered and put into circulation in early 2014. Far is not a movie to miss – be the first to procure and watch it upon release!

Editor’s Note:

The author of this piece is a film critic trainee and cinema reporter. Before relocating to the USA, he ran the Critical Eye Film Forum where Cameroonian movies mostly done in English were previewed, criticized in the presence of cast and crew before released. He has countless articles on movies.

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