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TIPTOPSTARS: We are back!
News / Latest / Ernest Kanjo / Tuesday, 17 September 2013 19:24
weareback2Abruptly, we went silent. We did not indicate we were going to be absent for a while. Perhaps, that’s where we went wrong. But as a matter of fact, we needed a respite. You might have noticed that for over a month, TIPTOPSTARS had no updates. This was not because the stories were not happening, neither was it because our news sources were moribund – none of that! We simply got really exhausted, physically at one moment and had to resort to a well-deserved break.

It just so happened that all three of us - Ernest Kanjo (USA), Titus Banyoh (Belgium) and Marcel Adig (Germany) became so overloaded and naturally suffered from fatigue. We really would have loved to, but we could not treat the countless stories that kept dropping on our desks. We deeply feel sorry about that.

Our month-long break did not however prevent happenings in the entertainment industry (our main news source, at least for now) from happening. During this time therefore, we opened our ears and eyes widely to them and recorded some of the major stories which we will definitely look into in forthcoming reports (updates). Some of these events were as follows:

§  End of post-production phase of FAR (a Cameroonian movie co-produced by Agbor Gilbert Ebot’s AGE Productions and Cradle Rock Productions International.

§  Preparations for the DAMA Awards

§  Close of voting for the Cameroon Movie Merit Awards, CMMA

§  Preparations ahead of the Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards, NAFCA

§  Preparations ahead of the Washington DC premiere of Ninah’s Dowry

§  Preparations ahead of the projection of Ninah’s Dowry at NAFCA III

§  Preparations ahead of the first ever meeting of Cameroonian filmmakers in the USA under the banner of CFI

§  Etc….

We really would have loved to pre-report these stories. We however are back and hope to catch up.

Meanwhile, TIPTOPSTARS is considering several innovations the most important of which is moving beyond Cameroon and stretching our tentacles to the rest of Africa. This follows solicitations from other African entertainment communities which have admired our work so far.

On a similar score, TIPTOPSTARS will eventually carry postings of African Cocktail, a radio show hosted on Afrikka Radio by editor Ernest Kanjo every Wednesday 10:30am to 1pm (can be listened to at www.afrikkaradio.com or 832-280-0016 on phone).

We will be back soonest with latest news!!!!! Have a great time visiting and reading us!!!!!!


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